Tuck: "We Still Have One Left"

On the difference the last three home games:

Tuck:"I think the biggest thing for us is that we've played together. Haven't really made the same mistakes, and unfortunately for us, it took us this long to kind of grow as a football team, but I think that's what we've played like and no one really has cared where the credit comes from and every game we've won here these last three has been all phases of the team working together, offense, defense, special teams. That's the biggest difference. I think the consistency of good football we've played at the last three home games has been what we were looking for earlier in the season, because obviously you see spurts and you see flashes of it, but you haven't seen that consistency from this team, and again, unfortunately it came this late, but now you're starting to see consistent play."

Q: Is that motivation for next year?

Tuck:"Hopefully it's motivation leading into this Sunday. The season isn't over yet. We have one more to play and that's where our focus is. When all that's done, then we'll turn our focus on to the offseason and looking back and what went wrong and things of that nature. We still have one left and that's where our mind is. Denver is a great football team that's obviously going to get to play in the playoffs and have a great shot at the thing and we just want to go out there and make life a little difficult, at least one more week for them."

Q: How much more preparation is done in the film room when you have to go against Peyton Manning?

Tuck:"I wouldn't say that much more, honestly, just because you have so much film. You've seen him so many more times that you know what he wants to do and that doesn't really prepare you much because he's brilliant in the way that he changes things up and for some reason or another, nobody can really consistently get a beat on what he's doing. I think the biggest thing for us is not really worrying about Peyton, but to worry about what our collective problems are. I'm worried about that right tackle and that running game, things of that nature. Once you take the run away then you can start worrying about Peyton. I think they're a football team that later on this year that has in some ways hidden the fact that they want to run the ball more. I think a lot of teams have gone into games thinking that, oh it's Peyton, it's Peyton, it's Peyton, but this running game that they're throwing at you now has really benefitted them down the stretch. That's what I'm thinking about first."

Q: Does playing with Eli [Manning], that experience help?

Tuck:"A little bit, but they're different though. You see the mind. You see how both of them approach the game and the mental parts of it, but their offenses are different. The offenses that they run are different, but I think the similarities are how they approach the game, how they study and how they prepare for a defense. That is the similarity you see from the two."

Q: Is there more focus on C.J. Anderson?

Tuck:"Yeah. I would say so. I would definitely say so. He definitely got our attention out here last time we played them and has played well ever since then, so he'll be a huge factor for us to hopefully take him out of the football game."

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