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Tyler Wilson Talks Mini-Camp

Q: How do you think things went out there? Was it one of those days, up and down? Was it kind of like most of them right now?

Wilson: Yeah, there's a lot being thrown at us. Obviously, the defense is doing some things and the offense is trying to put a lot on the table and kind of see what sticks before we get to training camp. It's a process for all of us. We're going through it and it's good. I think we made plays on both sides of the ball today. You see the offense, sometimes it wasn't pretty, but we made plays. And then on the other side, you see the defense doing the same thing. So, anytime there's competition on both sides of the ball, and it's that type of mentality, you're getting better.

Q: When you were in school, you got all the reps. Now maybe a third of them. It's a lot different trying to learn a new system when you don't have as much time.

Wilson: No question. Rookie camp was a big step for me because I got the majority of the reps. And then OTAs, you get about a third or a little more. And then today, it was somewhat similar to that. So, it is an adjustment period. You're trying to learn. There's a curve there and you've got to do that as quickly as possible in order to play full speed and play like you can play. I think that's the most frustrating part is that you want to go out and just complete every pass like you did and just roll. I think we will get there, sooner or later, but I'm excited. I think we're headed in the right direction. We can do a lot of positive things and this is a big week for us headed into a little break before training camp.

Q: At this time of the year, do you judge yourself out here on the results or just on maybe the process, making the right decisions, choosing the right guy to throw to?

Wilson: Results, I think, are always important. I think you always have to, at the end of the day, say, 'how did we look?' And some days you walk off the field and you go, 'that wasn't a good day' and you go in and watch in film and 'it wasn't that bad,' and some days just the opposite. So, I haven't evaluated on film; that's here in a few minutes. Kind of assess your decision making and everything that goes into what we do at the quarterback position because I think it's tough. Even if I'm in the back watching Matt [Flynn] or any of the other guys, or if you're on the sideline spectating, it's tough to see unless you rewind it a few times on the film. I'm excited to go in there and see what we did well today and what we need to improve on.

Q: What was your impression of the offense when you came in? How has it been so far in terms of learning the new offense?

Wilson: I like it. I think change is always good. You have to make that transition. There's a lot of things that are quarterback friendly. There's a lot that goes on at the line of scrimmage at the quarterback position here to get us into the right run play to the right protection and to the right pass call. There's a lot that goes on. It's communication between the center and the quarterback and I think that's really good. I think in order for us to be successful, the quarterback has to take charge and be in that position. I think myself, Matt [Flynn], Terrelle [Pryor] and even Matt [McGloin] from Penn State has done a really good job and we're getting there.

Q: Is there anybody that you've played with in the past that played under [Greg] Olson that you can get a hold of and say, 'Hey, can you help the learning curve here?'

Wilson: I haven't. Obviously, Josh Freeman in Tampa Bay, but I haven't talked with him. We have the same guy that represents us, but haven't talked with him.

Q: Will you get a hold of a guy like that perhaps?

Wilson: Could potentially. We've got that off time, so it might be a situation where I give him a call for sure.

Q: You always hear rookies talk about the surprise of the speed of the game, is that something that you also think?

Wilson: The guys are the same, as far as physical ability. They're going to run really similar times. So, as far as actual speed, no. It's similar to play in the SEC -- they're fast guys. Guys are a little more instinctive, a little more smart, so they get there naturally quicker. That would be the only thing and I'm kind of a half a step behind right now, so maybe that's where you're feeling a little bit of that too. I think it's fast but nothing I haven't seen. I'm sure it's going to get quicker too as you move on as we're in shorts right now. So when the pads get on, it's going to get a little bit faster and then once you get to game time, preseason…so I haven't seen the full go of it yet. I'm humble right now and will stay that way for sure.

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