UPDATED: Raiders Unveil HOME Campaign

Charles Woodson: "There is nothing like the love you feel from Raider Nation."

"Home is where your heart is.

A house is not a home.
Your true home, is where your story begins.
It's where your memories,
Your family, your love, all live.
Home is where your heart is" - Safety Charles Woodson

Oakland Raiders fullback Marcel Reece: "We as players are nothing without the Raider Nation."

"What I love most about home is who I share it with

I love that it doesn't matter, where you come from.
I love that it doesn't matter, how you look.
I love that we are family.
I know you're always going to be there, through the ups…and downs.
What I love most about Home is who I share it with. " - FB Marcel Reece

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Oakland Raiders Creative Director Esteban Carbajal: "By illustrating a home defined by the people who help create it, we hope to pay tribute to the most loyal members of the Raider Nation with this campaign."

Raiders starting quarterback Derek Carr: "Just to hear the cheers from all the great and loyal fans we have, makes my day and fires me up every time I take the field."

"As a kid, I would dream of calling you home.

I worked, sacrificed…did everything I could,
to make my dream a reality.
I now have a bigger dream,
Greatness is Homemade" - QB Derek Carr

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