Upon Further Review: Talking Maxx Crosby with EMU head coach Chris Creighton, Tyrell Williams stops by the podcast studio

While the team might be in the midst of Phase II of the Offseason Workout Program, the "Upon Further Review" crew is in midseason form – well, maybe not quite midseason form, but about as close as possible for early-May.

After running through the week's news items and transactions, Eddie Paskal and Producer Trav welcome in Chris Creighton, the head coach of the Eastern Michigan Eagles, a man very familiar with the work of fourth-round pick Maxx Crosby.

Obviously young Mr. Crosby is the main topic of conversation with Coach Creighton, but during his time on the program, the Eagles' head coach delves into his own connection to the Silver and Black, and what a gameday is really like in Ypsilanti.

Following Coach Creighton's conversation, the fellas transition into Victory Formation which features a special guest this week – wide receiver Tyrell Williams.

Eddie, Trav, Kyle Martin (back from an arduous trip to the DMV) and Tyrell get into a little bit of everything, discussing the NBA Playoffs, Williams' beloved Portland Trailblazers, and his first months in Silver and Black.

Oh, and Tyrell and Eddie pitch a new TV show, essentially a Game of Thrones/Breaking Bad hybrid.

You can listen to the full episode, below.