Video: Raiders Latavius Murray Prepares For Training Camp With Hill Sprints

Oakland Raiders running back Latavius Murray knows he has a big opportunity ahead of him this coming season. After starting only three games in 2014 but coming on strong to end the year, No. 28 will enter training camp with an opportunity to claim a starting role.

As the Raiders enter training camp in Napa, Calif., Murray will be given every opportunity to secure the No. 1 job for the Raiders.

"Right now, he's been running with the lead group, but he knows that he has to earn that through camp, through the preseason," said Head Coach Jack Del Rio.  "But he's done a nice job this offseason. He is taking steps and growing as a young player."

Murray has been hard at work staying in shape ahead of the team's training camp in Napa, which begins in less than 10 days. He's been regularly posting clips of his workout regimen to his Instagram page – here's the latest which shows him performing uphill sprints:

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