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Watson Stepping Up


On what went well for him during Sunday's game:

Watson:"Just listening to coaching, going out there with the right mindset, the right mentality. Being ready to go out there and play physical. Be aggressive and understand what I have to do. Communicating with Big Austin [Howard] and just trying to move stuff. That's all it is. This game is a physical game and there's not too many gray areas in the trenches. It's pretty much black and white. Just trying to be physical, as physical as possible."

On how the run game was able to get going last week:

Watson:"Just being as nasty as can be and as physical as can be. There's no secret. We have to run the ball. We have to attack. We have to, scheme wise, be assignment perfect and when you get your assignments right and you're physical, things can happen. I love my running backs. I love D Mac [Darren McFadden] and I love Mo [Maurice Jones-Drew] and I love Latavius [Murray] and I love all of them- Kory Sheets, all of them. It gives me pleasure in seeing those guys break tackles and go up field and run over a safety. It's always exciting. Like I said, it's really black and white. You have to be physical. There's no other way to play. That's all I really attest it to and just being in a better space, mentally. Just having the opportunity and being blessed with the opportunity to go out there and play."

On the offensive line gelling and keeping Derek Carr safe:

Watson:"Yeah, I've said this since training camp; we are a close unit. We are a really close unit. Derek [Carr] is a priority to us, so we're going to take that very seriously."  

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