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"We Have to Protect the Ball"


Q: What was practice like today trying to get the kinks out?**

Streater:"I was actually out of practice today, so I was working out, but practice looked good. It looked like they were working with the offense, doing good, doing the little things, trying to make all the corrections that we made; any mistakes in the game, so we're just fixing those right now."

Q: What are those corrections? What's the first thing you guys address in terms of getting back on the right track?

Streater:"Just as a receiver's standpoint, just running the right routes, getting the depth, beating man to man, things like that we just have to correct."

Q: I'm sure you watch film, but what was it that just was such a disconnect with you guys on Sunday compared to how your games normally go?

Streater:"Just the turnovers. We have to protect the ball. The fumble, ball security, things like that, we can't do that against a good team. You really can't do that against any team in the NFL, so we just have to correct that. We were working on that today and getting back on track with that."

Q: Derek [Carr] talked over and over about how upbeat things were and how people weren't hanging their heads, everybody is fired up. What makes this team equipped to deal with 0-2 and to bounce back and get it right?

Streater:"I feel like we move the ball pretty good on both teams. We kind of hurt ourselves in both games, with the turnovers and little things like that. I feel like it's two games in and we have a long season. We have 14 games left and I feel like we're a really good offense. Once we stop shooting ourselves in the foot we can be really good, so it's little things we have to work on."

Q: Do you think you'll be ready to go, do you feel like you'll be practicing this week and be ready to go?

Streater:"Yeah, by Friday I'll be good. Just rest a little, but I'm good to go."

Q: And obviously you're going to have to score some points to win on Sunday…

Streater:"Got to. Got to, it's a good defense. We're playing Tom Brady. We have to put up some points, so it's going to be exciting to go out there and be able to challenge against the Patriots."

Q: After such a bad loss last Sunday, is it important to go against a team where you know you have to play well?

Streater:"Regardless, you get another opportunity to go out here and play. It's a good team. It's going to be challenging, but we're up for the challenge."

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