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"We're just glad to be a part of it"


Q: How much do you enjoy this whole London experience?**

Tuck: "It's good, man. I think the NFL does a great job of broadening its brand out here in this International Series, and we're just glad to be a part of it. The taxes are going to suck, but other than that, it's pretty neat."

Q: Is getting away, kind of like a training camp experience only nicer, be a good thing?

Tuck: "I look at it more like college bowl week. Training camps aren't that fun. But we've had a good time over here and it's good to be confined to one area with your whole team. A lot of chemistry has taken place this week, and like I said, I had the advantage of being here in '07 when they first did it and the experience has changed a little bit. I think the NFL has gotten better as the years have went on, so this week has been good for us as a team. You're just looking forward to getting to Sunday."

Q: Back in 2007, there was a lot of talk of if a team could be based here. Is it now a case in your mind now of when?

Tuck: "That's what it seems like. I definitely see the difficulties in it, but I do think it's just bound to happen. The NFL is branding and reaching out and it seems like every other sport is doing the same as well. So I do agree with you in the fact that it's kind of more when it will happen, but there are a lot of questions and a lot of things that have be solidified before it does."

Q: Dennis Allen says team starting to feel better as far as jet lag goes, that the team is starting to feel better. How are you adjusting?

Tuck: "I think it was beneficial for us coming over early. We had a lot of doctors and advisors telling us the way to adjust and beat jet lag. It did set in yesterday, but my body is definitely feeling better today and I see that being a plus going in to Sunday."

Q: Have you gotten any advice on the jet lag? What did the doctors say?

Tuck: "Sleep on the plane, don't sleep the day you get here. Don't take naps. Because the first day you get here you should be tired, but fight through it. Get a lot of hydration. That's pretty much it."

Q: After the way the defense played last week, do you see a carryover from that?

Tuck: "Sure. I hope so. I think last week can be a building point for us. And we could have played a lot better than we did then. But this offense is very similar to … They do a lot of things similar to what the Patriots did, so the familiarity is there. Hopefully we can go out there and have that enthusiastic play like we did last week and build off of it."

Q: They tend to run with some tempo. How do you guys combat that?

Tuck: "I've seen a lot of teams that run with tempo, and I think you combat that by stopping them. They don't run with tempo when they're not getting big plays and they're not getting first downs. So we've got to make sure that we start fast, get them in second-and-long and third-and-long situations, and then you see the tempo go away. When they're clicking, that's when you see tempo. I think the only way you stop tempo is by playing great on first down and second down."

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