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Wednesday OTA Q&A with Coach Cable




Raiders Head Coach Tom Cable takes in the action on the practice field. Get the shirt Coach Cable is wearing online at the Raider Image.
Photo by Tony Gonzales*  

Q: What are your thoughts on today's OTA?

Coach Cable: I like what we're doing. This whole OTA thing is about situational football and we started out with a little third down, a little red zone today. We'll try to hit short yards and goal line and really just teach them about situational football. But we're doing fine and we're doing well.

Q: When you have a new quarterback and a new offensive coordinator you get to see them under pressure quickly. How did that go?

Coach Cable: That's another emphasis for the offense and you know, I like what I saw. They're going to get there sometimes but as they get more comfortable and understand what they're doing they'll pick it up and do it better.

Q: How much further along is Jason Campbell now than he was in mini-camp?

Coach Cable: Well, quite a bit. I mean you think about it, he got here and four days later, we're in mini-camp. So he's had a chance not only with those five practices but have the two weeks of work in between mini-camp and now. So I would say he's progressing now and kind of in a routine.

Q: Any indication now who is going to be your starting quarterback?

Coach Cable: Well, I think we'll have some great competition once we get everyone healthy. But Jason has gone out there and he's getting it. Charlie's [Frye] doing fine, Kyle's [Boller] doing fine. Kyle's had some of this offense before. So it helps him that way. But you know I think just getting everyone up to speed when we get to camp you know build and compete for that job.

Q: Are you saying that it's a open competition, for the starting position at quarterback?

Coach Cable: Yeah, I think that as we get ready to go we haven't talked a lot about competing for a job or a position. We've talked about learning and getting our team ready to compete once we get to camp. So when we get to camp yes, the answer to that would be yes.

Q: Coach what is your vision for the identity of this team. What type of team do you want this to be?

Coach Cable: I think a team that is confident, I think that's where our focus is right now. And to do that means you understand what we're doing on offense and defense and the kicking game, and take care of the ball…and get the football. And I think us being better on offense will happen because of those things. And I think that us being better on defense will happen because of those things. But right now it's about ball security and confidence. And I think that's the vision of where I want us to be. And when that happens then we'll be a tough team that gets after you and play with great confidence.

Q: Coach, is this the team that will get you guys back into the playoffs?

Coach Cable: Well, I think so. I mean that's the way my approach as been. That's our approach as a football team and I think that's the way we talk to each other and the way we prepare is that we have got a bunch of great football players and we've got a good attitude and our football character, our football IQ, all of those things are really important. We're growing every day, so we're pretty excited.

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