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Wednesday OTA Q and A with Coach Cable


Q: You've been telling us pretty much since the offseason that WR Darrius Heyward-Bey is a different guy, at least in the media sessions. And I don't know that we had seen it, at least until today. Some of us said that he thought that was the best practice that we've seen him had.

Coach Cable: Yeah, I don't think there's any question there. Darrius was really on today but I thought a lot of things went into that. I thought the quarterback threw him a lot of balls on time. He caught the ball well, made a move with it after that for the catch, which was most impressive. But it was a very good day for him, yeah.

Q: Is that the kind of building block day that can get him going?

Coach Cable: Definitely. If it's not him one day it's been Zach Miller, Louis Murphy, Johnnie Lee [Higgins]. It just seems like every day someone's kind of stepped up like that a little bit so. We're going just keep trying to get better and bring him along but days like this are good for him.

Q: The demeanor of the receivers and being encouraged by [offensive coordinator Hue] Jackson to go after the corners, and I know even Jackson himself telling the corners, "We're going after you." What does all that add to the practices this year?

Coach Cable: I think it adds a festiveness to it. You know obviously it kind of extends the competition a little bit. But more than anything it's good for us. It's good for us to get 'em out there competing against each other play after play after play. I think that's the most important thing.

Q: It seemed that every receiver was catching the ball. [Jason] Campbell was real accurate at Washington. How much does that accuracy just kind of making everybody better?

Coach Cable: I think it goes a lot towards your development of that group. You know, including your tight ends with that group and just overall. I mentioned this before, when you have those kind of things and when you have someone throwing the ball where you can catch it and on time and those kind of things, it gives them a chance to have success and build their confidence and grow as a unit. I think its having a lot to do with what's going on.

Q: Where's the balance between the X's and O's that everybody has to get up to speed with the offensive coordinator and the attitude that he brings?

Coach Cable: Well, I think you know, the terminology, some of it's new some of it's not. So it's kind of a blend there, so that part wasn't hard. I think it's just getting used to him and, as you mentioned, what he brings to the table in terms of what he's asking them.

Q: What have you seen since his hire that has translated on the field?

Coach Cable: I think we're trying to expose him to as much of this as we can, anything that's new. Being able to have him focus on that all of the time I think helps us with the other coaches. To go out here with the other coaches every day and to go out there and work on something and improve on something - I think you're seeing that happen.

Q: How has his hire changed your job?

Coach Cable: I think it's helped in a lot of ways. I'm able to look at personnel all the time now. This team, how I see it, what I think it needs or what it doesn't need, this or that. You know it's very much on my mind 24/7 now. And I think in the development of your rookies and the development of the coaching staff - how are they doing and how are they coaching, and how are we teaching? I think all those things are things I get to do now where before were kind of a secondary thought. There just wasn't enough time.

Q: Kamerion Wimbley - do you see him as a guy who can play multiple roles as a pass rusher and do different jobs?

Coach Cable: I do. I think Kam has come in and picked up what we do rather quickly and he's playing off the ball maybe a little bit more than what he did in Cleveland. But then when he's on the ball, it shows up. He has that background and then certainly as a pass rusher. I know him as a pass rusher having coached against the guy, yeah he's going to bring a lot to the table for us.

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