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Week 1 Q&A with WR Rod Streater


WR Rod Streater makes a one-handed grab during Tuesday's practice. Photo by Tony Gonzales.

Q: Were you kind of surprised by his [Derek Carr] progress through the offseason?

Streater:"He came in, and I feel like he adjusted pretty well to the NFL. He made a lot of great throws during OTAs [Organized Team Activities] and minicamp, and up to the last game, so it's expected of him."

Q: So it was a smooth transition with the chemistry between you two going into Week One?

Streater:"It's good. We've been working all offseason so we never really lost a stride with who was in at quarterback, whether it was [Matt] McGloin, Carr or [Matt] Schaub. I feel like wall had great chemistry with all of them."

Q: You had a good game against the Jets last year, any changes from their secondary to this year in the system?

Streater:"I feel like they lost some cornerbacks, but it's obviously a different secondary from last year, but in the end, us receivers are going to have to go out there and still make plays."


Q: Anything you see that you guys can exploit on film; anything that you like?**

Streater:"I feel like all of the receivers are fast. I feel like we can definitely attack the secondary regardless. I have confidence in all of us so we're going to go out there and just make plays."

Q: Does it make a big difference when a guy like Rex Ryan likes to blitz a lot, what does that do, how does that affect the receivers?

Streater:"When you put pressure on the quarterback, it makes us have to get open faster. We're obviously going to have to pick up the blitzes and get open quicker."

Q: Coach [Dennis] Allen's idea of going to New York early, how does that help the team?

Streater:"I think it's going to help the team adjust to the East Coast time. It's kind of hard to go fly out there on a Friday or Saturday and adjust well, but going out there Thursday we'll have a chance to really get out there and get used to the time and just get ready for the game."

Q: You talk about how it's a bonding thing for the team, an extra day together, all together in the hotel, is that something that you guys look forward to?

Streater:"Yeah. We'll probably go out and get some dinner, just enjoy a movie or something and just hang out with the team before we get to meetings the next day."

Q: Jets fans are pretty crazy. It's going to be loud over there, how do you feel about Derek's command of the huddle when he gets in the huddle and calls plays?

Streater:"I feel like we have the best fans. Raider Nation is already loud, so I feel like it's going to be no different. I think he's going to go out there and handle the crowd well."

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