What the Chiefs Are Saying About the Raiders

An exclusive look at the rivalry between the Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs through the years.

As we get you ready for this Sunday's critical AFC West showdown between the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs, let's take a look at what the Chiefs are saying about the matchup.

Cornerback and Oakland-native Marcus Peters:

"It's going to be special. It's going to be real special. I get to go display my talents in front of my community, my hometown. From the start, it's been nothing but love and support coming up out of there. All I can do is just go have an excellent game and enjoy it. I play for the Chiefs and they're the Oakland Raiders. As far as me loving the culture of how the Raiders were when I was growing up, it has nothing to do with it now. It's business, so I have to go down there and take care of business. We're trying to do something really special here."


Tight end Travis Kelce:**

"You have to go in there and be the aggressor. We can't sit back and let Oakland come in and ruin what we've set. The Raiders are a very good team."

Quarterback Alex Smith on Khalil Mack:

"Really good player that can rush the passer, certainly a guy, just through film study - he kind of demands respect, you see that. Really good player—I think you just see him being able to just do more, like anything – he can do more, you can move him around and he's dropping into coverage a little bit here and there and things like that."

Head Coach Andy Reid: "It's always been a big-time rivalry for the Chiefs. I know the history of that. We feel that they've got a good ball club. I think Jack [Del Rio] has done a nice job up there with this. I know Reggie [McKenzie], he's done a nice job bringing in personnel. This will be a heck of a game. We'll start prepping for that with the players tomorrow and introducing it to them. That's a neat thing, those rivalries in the NFL. Those are kind of neat deals."

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