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What the Jets are Saying: Revis Praises Raiders Receivers

The Oakland Raiders defeated the New York Jets 34-20 in 2015 Regular Season Week 8 action at Coliseum in Oakland. Here's what the Jets are saying about the Raiders performance.

Cornerback Darrelle Revis on the Raiders receivers:

"He's awesome, man. It was fun watching him out there. They had a great game plan moving him, and a lot of places to give him the ball. Awesome. The sky is the limit for him. A special player, he is. They played well today. Like I said, Amari is a special player. They try to move him around a lot in the offense to try to get him the ball in many ways. Crabtree had a great game today, too. I don't know how many yards he had total. Overall, Derek Carr is playing very hot right now. They're doing [well]."

Revis on Raiders safety Charles Woodson:

"I watched him when I was a kid, when he was at Michigan playing in the national championship. He was probably one of the most electrifying players in college football.  I admire him."


Head Coach Todd Bowles: **

"We had issues with everything. We didn't do anything well, so everything they did, they did it well. I thought they played a lot faster than we did and it showed all the way. I was impressed with [Raiders quarterback Derek Carr] last year. We knew he was a good young quarterback. We're going to face young quarterbacks from here on out, so we have to be ready to play and make plays. We didn't make any plays."

Linebacker David Harris:

"Too many points, way too many third down conversions, way too many big plays, way too many extra yards, too many missed tackles. That's the outcome you get when that happens. We missed way too many tackles. That's not us. Way too many yards after the catch, way too many rushing yards. That's what happens when you do that.  

Wide Receiver Eric Decker:

"Overall, I think today they [Oakland Raiders] came out and played a lot better football than we did."

Wide receiver Brandon Marshall:

"They just made more plays than us."

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