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What The Opponents Are Saying: Chiefs Recap Victory Over Raiders


Chiefs Running Back Jamaal Charles

Heading into Week 6, the Oakland Raiders were on a three game win-streak, and had an opportunity to inch ahead in the AFC West with a win over the Kansas City Chiefs. Unfortunately, the course of Sunday's game went a different direction and the Chiefs came out on top, 26-10.

Following the matchup, the Raiders and Chiefs addressed the media separately to talk about what took place on the field.

Here is what the opponents had to say about their victory.

Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid

**Reid explained how the Chiefs were able to affect Raiders quarterback Derek Carr and the passing game.


"It starts up front and then kind of works its way back there. The front was able to get push on [Carr] and he's a hard dude to get to. He's a tough one. To get him to move his feet just a little bit is an important thing, and I thought the guys did that. I thought our guys played tight coverage. They didn't step back, and these receivers…you said it, they're phenomenal. Our guys didn't step back on that, they kept the challenge up and the front guys did their job."

He also discussed how the team needs to close out games and how they approach it.

"You think you're done, but you get right there and you protect the sideline so they can't that easy out to kick the field goal. We got to do a little bit of a better job inside jamming that guy before his release. We're out of time. You're right on that border. I know you see that clock management is tough. You're right on that border of making that. You got the jam on him. We got to do a little bit of a better job just getting that hit right there."

Quarterback Alex Smith

Smith shared that part of the Chiefs offensive success was its ability to keep the Raiders defense on their heels.

"I hope we've shown glimpses of this certainly through the beginning of the season. Besides the opening drive, we really kind of put four quarters together of at least moving the football, scoring points, changing field position, capitalizing, mixing it up – I thought we had a great mix today, keeping the defense on their heels."

He talked about the overall offensive game plan and how the team was able to execute.

"It was more similar to getting back to us. I think the mix today – not just run and pass mix – I'm saying balance within the run game, seeing misdirection, inside-outside, in the pass game, quick screens, throwing the ball down field, stretching the field – that's what we hang our hat on, to be able to be multiple and do a lot of different stuff. We can get big and run it, we can spread it out and run some read stuff. Doing all that stuff, I think we have a lot of confidence in it."

**Running Back Jamaal Charles


The Pro Bowl running back acknowledged that the weather conditions weren't ideal, but was able to battle through.

"It was bad conditions, the same conditions that we had in Pittsburgh. So it's the same conditions.  But we didn't let that affect us this time. We kind of got over that, and we pushed. We wanted to win. It's a big rivalry game, division game, that we know we had to win."

Wide Receiver Jeremy Maclin

Maclin made it very clear that in his opinion the better team came out with a win.

"I wouldn't necessarily say we stole one from Oakland. In the end, I think the team that played the best won, and in our books that's not stealing one, that's taking this one."

He talked about what made the offense so successful against the Raiders defense.

"That's kudos to the big O-line. I think that they kind of set the tone from the jump, kind of dominated up front a little bit. We were able to kind of old-school football, ground and pound a little bit. Spencer [Ware] ran the ball well. Jamaal [Charles] ran the ball well. [Charcandrik] West came in and ran the ball well as well. It all starts up front too."

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