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What The Opponents Are Saying: Jaguars Recap Sunday's Loss


The Oakland Raiders remain undefeated on the road, and Sunday's win against the Jacksonville Jaguars improved the team's road record to 4-0. The Silver and Black showed signs of improvement on defense by forcing three turnovers – two interceptions, and one fumble recovery. The takeaways helped the Raiders secure their 33-16 victory, and showed that the defense was gelling as a unit.

After the game concluded, members of the Jaguars talked with reporters about their defeat.

Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley

Bradley expressed his disappointment after the loss, but commended the Raiders for their effort.

"We missed it. We missed an opportunity. We missed an opportunity to go out there and play like we're capable of playing. Like I said, don't take credit away from them. They did a great job, but we just got to get back to work now. Go back to work on a short week and come back. The quick turnaround is probably a good thing for us."

He shared his thoughts on how the Jaguars defense played, and acknowledged the Raiders' potent offense.

"(Derek Carr) makes good decisions.  Their quarterback is very good.  I thought defensively, again, 32 points is too many points.  There were some sudden change opportunities where we stood up, but this team has been averaging 27 or 28 points a game. So we knew, offensively, their quarterback is very good in the red zone. They are at 80 percent in the red zone.  We knew we had to get some stops in there.  I felt like when it was 13-6, even when all the things took place, even right before the half, we had a chance right there.  That big play, even with that happening, we had the ball to start the second half. I thought the defense hung in there and played hard against a really good offensive team."

**Quarterback Blake Bortles


Bortles discussed what happened on his red zone interception to Raiders cornerback David Amerson.

"It was a bad decision and a bad throw. We kind of had a little high/low in that corner and he (the defensive back) kind of stayed put. I could have thrown it underneath to Hurns (Allen) and threw it deep to Marqise (Lee). You have to throw it to the pylon or out of bounds where Marqise can catch it or nobody can catch it, so it was kind of a bad ball and bad decision."

He talked about the Raiders defense and was aware of how talented the players are.

"All throughout the week, we knew they had a talented defense.  We knew numbers-wise, they were ranked last in the league. We knew we had to be good. They have a lot of talent on their defense. They did some good stuff, but it wasn't anything we didn't expect or plan for or nothing we hadn't seen before."

Cornerback Prince Amukamara

Amukamara broke down what took place on Carr's 56-yard pass to wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

"Yeah, just a matter of me staying on top. It was a scramble play, so in a scramble drill, you look for a guy and flash there immediately and you stick on to him. He [Crabtree] gave me a little move on the outside and I bit on it and he just took it upfield. [It was] just a good play by him."

Tight End Marcedes Lewis

Lewis was matter-of-fact when he described the overall loss to the Raiders Sunday.

"It was embarrassing."

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