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What The Opponents Are Saying: Saints Quarterback Drew Brees Talks The Raiders Two-Point Conversion


Saints Quarterback Drew Brees

The Oakland Raiders beat the New Orleans Saints in thrilling fashion Sunday with a game-winning two-point conversion. Heading into the matchup, both sides acknowledged the talent each team possessed. Saints Head Coach Sean Payton and quarterback Drew Brees praised third-year players Derek Carr and Khalil Mack before and after Sunday's game.

Let's take a look at what the opponents are saying:

Head Coach Sean Payton:

**After losing in the final minute of regulation, Payton addressed how the momentum swung toward the Raiders.


"There was the period in the fourth quarter where that momentum swung a little bit. They had a quick score, and we had settled for a field goal. We were able to respond with a score, but in the end, we were not able to play well enough to finish the game. I thought our guys fought hard, and credit Oakland, because those guys came with some big plays down the stretch. Of course, that two-point play for the win was huge."

Payton shared his thoughts on the decision to go for the two-point conversion.

"It's late in the game and it's a high-scoring game, so it wasn't unexpected. I kind of thought that was the direction they would go, considering how they had moved the ball in the fourth quarter. If you looked at that quarter, we were having trouble stopping anything, and on the road, in a game like this, I probably would've done the exact same thing."

He also discussed how the Saints needed to stop defensive end Khalil Mack.

"The one thing we said going in was that we couldn't allow 52 (Khalil Mack) to become a force in this game. He's a very talented player, and they've got some great pass rushers like Bruce Irvin, so we spent a long time in the preparation for just handling the edge. The first sack fumble was just a play where we held onto the ball too long, and our protection was still good there."

Quarterback Drew Brees:

He added to Payton's comments about the decision behind the two-point conversion.

"I thought it was a ballsy move and obviously, it paid off. You'll see that from time to time. You feel like you have the momentum and so let's dial it up and win the game. Still feel like we had the opportunity, with a couple of plays, to put ourselves in a position to win, which we did."

Defensive Back De'Vante Harris:

Harris shared his thoughts on not expecting the Raiders to go for the two-point conversion.

"Yes, I honestly did think they were going to go for two. They were getting hot late in the game. They were having success throwing the ball and getting some runs. I wasn't surprised, but we have got to hold up."

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