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What The Opponents Are Saying: "We Knew This Was A Great Team"


The Oakland Raiders closed out their 10th win of the season Sunday afternoon against the Buffalo Bills and remain the top team in the AFC West. The Bills put up a fight and through two-and-a-half quarters of play led the Silver and Black by a 15-point margin, but the Raiders refused to go quietly into the night.

Third-year quarterback Derek Carr and Co., erased the 15-point deficit, and rallied for 29 unanswered points. For the sixth time this season, Carr drove up and down the field in the fourth quarter, and helped the team secure the come-from-behind win.

Following their 38-24 defeat, here's what the opponents had to say.

Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan

**Ryan discussed the Raiders putting up 29 unanswered points, and what led to that happening.


"You can't ever have that happen to you. To their credit now this team has done this a bunch. This is a heck of an offense. When you look at it, they have a lot of weapons and their quarterback is playing extremely well. Combine that with an offensive line and good running backs I mean we knew it was going to be tough. There's no question about it. By no means am I trying to short that team. That team is a good football team."

He shared that the Raiders are good at keeping the pressure on and staying resilient.

"It was tough and they can do a lot of things to keep you on your heels. They can run the football and if you don't have enough guys in that box, they can run the ball in and they've proved that against a lot of teams. It's kind of pick your poison. We tried everything. We were rushing three, we were rushing four, rushing five. Simulated pressures, we were giving all of that and we ran a whole lot of true zeros, but I give them credit, they made the plays."

Ryan talked about defensive end Khalil Mack's performance against the Bills.

"Shoot. I'm glad he's not playing for New England, I guess, but he's a great player. He didn't disappoint today."

He discussed the Raiders running back corps, specifically rookie running back Jalen Richard.

"He made a couple guys miss, I know that. All of those backs are capable backs, there's no question. I know he had a couple real nice runs where he made some guys miss."

Quarterback Tyrod Taylor

Taylor shared his thoughts on the outcome of the game and what changed the momentum.

"We knew this was a great team that we were going up against. That's why we wanted to stay ahead. I added a change, and I think we did a good job of that early on. Unfortunate three and outs definitely stalled us, but we were never able to capture the momentum and make plays in the second half the way we were in the first half."

Running Back Lesean McCoy

McCoy spoke about Mack's production Sunday afternoon and how he impacted the game.

"He's a great player – a good, young player. We checked him before the game, we made sure that he wouldn't destroy the game. I think that got away from us a little bit, and he made a big turnover that changed the game."

The Pro Bowl running back praised Carr for his competitive drive, and ability to perform in the clutch.

"He's impressive. He needed to make plays, and he answered. He converted on third downs. I thought he was very accurate. He showed a lot of talent, spotting the balls where defenders couldn't get them. He's a good player. I like guys who compete. I'm not big on all the names and all that, I like guys who come in there and compete. When the team needs them, they show up. The clutch gene, if they have it – he was clutch today. I've got a lot of praise for him."

Safety Corey Graham

Graham broke down how the Raiders were able to be effective and keep their foot on the gas.

"Those guys were on a roll and it was like everything they did turned into gold, no matter what they called, what they did, they found a way to make plays. You've got to tip your hat to them. That's why they're 10-2 now and number one in their division in the AFC, because those guys find a way to make plays and they just made the plays and we didn't."

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