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What the Titans are Saying About the Raiders

Several members of the Tennessee Titans praised the Oakland Raiders playmaking ability and tactics after the Raiders came away with a come-from-behind 24-21 victory at Nissan Stadium in Nashville.

Interim Head Coach Mike Mularkey

On the matchups with the Raiders receivers:

"They were making plays I wish we would have. When they threw the ball up, they came down with it."

On the Raiders effective 3rd down defense:

"We had a lot of one-on-one matchups and they did a good job, scheme-wise. I'll give them some credit scheme-wise. They played more zone than we anticipated with man, and still we have answers for zone, but those answers are somebody has to win."

Quarterback Marcus Mariota

On the sack that took the Titans out of field goal range and the interception at the end of the game:

"The interception, the defense kind of got a man down and the guy made a good play on it. The sack, I've just got to be smarter in that situation and just throw it away."

On the Raiders 3rd down defense:

"I felt that their defense just made plays.  They were able to bat some balls down, get some pass deflections and that's going to happen."


FS Michael Griffin**

On the Raiders offense:

"We knew they had a great QB, and that they spread the ball around.  He had his favorite targets, but at the same time, he's a good quarterback and knows how to find open receivers.  You can't take it away from him.  He played a great game today.  He made throws, and he got the ball out of his hands quick today, so we knew what we were facing.  There is a reason why they lead a lot of offensive categories, because they have a real good quarterback, and the ball goes through them.  They've got a great bunch of receivers, their running back was the leading rusher in the AFC, and they had a great offensive power on that side of the ball, and we knew about all of them."

LB Brian Orakpo

On the Raiders game-winning TD:

"They just made a play. They threw the ball up, and he came down with it, and that's all she wrote."

On quarterback Derek Carr's ability to avoid sacks and make plays downfield:

"We definitely wanted a situation like this, it's just that they were doing a good job throwing balls up, and guys making plays.  I felt like we were trying our best up front to get there, but I mean, the ball was gone.  We just didn't make enough plays at the end."

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