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What They're Saying: Chargers talk 'tremendous' Hunter Renfrow, 'poised' Derek Carr


On the Raiders as a whole:

"They're playing at a really, really high level. The first game was a heck of a football game. They've had a really, really good season. They've really grown and developed as a football team. That game seems so long ago, but they've been a really resilient team. I think they're playing really well right now. This is going to be an outstanding football game for the NFL." – Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley

On QB Derek Carr:

"I think Derek has been a model of consistency. I think he's been a real rock for that football team. They were in that juncture in the middle part of the season where things could've gone a couple different ways for that football team, but I think he was able to stay steady. As I said the first time we played them, I've played this guy several times and he's one of the premium passers in the league and I think that he's demonstrated that once again. He's got one of the quickest releases in the game. He's very accurate, super sharp at the line of scrimmage, super sharp post-snap. There's not very many things he hasn't seen. He's been a clutch player for them this year." – Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley

"He's one of the top passers in the league. I think he's a really good guy. … He's a great competitor." – Chargers outside linebacker Joey Bosa

"He's just poised. He's been in the system for a number of years now and you can see he has complete control of it. Know where to go with the ball, make quick decisions. If something happens, doesn't get flustered, just responds the way a QB is supposed to." – Chargers defensive coordinator Renaldo Hill

On RB Josh Jacobs:

"This guy's one of the quality backs in the league. This guy breaks a lot of tackles. He's an outstanding pass receiver out of the backfield." – Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley

On WR Hunter Renfrow:

"We have to know where Renfrow is. He's a guy that gets open a lot. Derek Carr, it starts with him, so we have to be able to put pressure on him. We have to be ready for everything, whatever they present." – Chargers safety Derwin James

"Hunter's having a fantastic season; he's having a fantastic career. This guy is one of the premium inside receivers in the National Football League. He's a very complete football player. Obviously, can return as well, but does a lot of things for them – blocking, receiving. He's a real weapon for them and tremendous player. Definitely one of the biggest reasons for their success this season." – Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley

"He does a good job of being able to separate. He's a multi-cut route runner, so if you've got him covered on the first move, his second and third act is where he separates." – Chargers defensive coordinator Renaldo Hill

On WR Zay Jones:

"He's a guy that really came on for those guys when [Darren] Waller was down. He knew he was capable. … When he gets that go ahead, he really expressed to the NFL that he still can get it done. You can see it on the film whether he's blocking or in the pass routes, that he was always a guy doing things the right way. You can tell that Carr trusts him." – Chargers defensive coordinator Renaldo Hill

"Been a fan of his game. He's a big target. I think he's an instinctive player. He's a very quarterback-friendly player because he can run the route tree outside and inside, so they can put him in a bunch of different positions which is a strength of the Raiders." – Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley

On the Raiders O-line:

"They've really found consistency on their offensive line and I think that has been a real strength of theirs here in the second half of the season." – Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley

On LB K.J. Wright:

"K.J., one of the great linebackers of the last 10 years." – Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley

On the Raiders defense:

"The first thing that jumps out on film is their pass rush. Their defensive ends are tough to block, and they consistently get a pass rush and they get it there quickly. … They're tough in the run game as well. They're so active and high-effort guys." – Chargers offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi

"They've got some really athletic players on that side of the ball. They make plays. They fly around and they play together on defense." – Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert

"Their front seven has played extremely well. It's definitely a strength of their team, if not one of the biggest strengths of their team. … Their front seven has really controlled the line of scrimmage and that's where it's started. That's given them a lot of opportunities to rush the passer, which is one of their strengths, is how they rush. They've got some very good pressure packages as well." – Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley

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