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What They're Saying: Lions know Davante Adams is 'one of a kind'

The Raiders are set for a primetime matchup on Monday Night Football against the Detroit Lions. Take a look at what the Lions' coaches and players had to say about the Week 8 matchup.

On the amount of talent the Raiders possess:

"This is a dangerous team. They're got weapons, 17, 16, that tight end, obviously Jacobs, Crosby is a game wrecker. So, we've got our hands full." - Detroit Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell

On WR Davante Adams:

"He certainly does a very good job. He has good quickness, he has good size. For us to match at our technique at the line of scrimmage, our patience is going to be really important, trying to challenge him." - Detroit Lions defensive backs coach Brian Duker

"He's very patient. He's going to force you to make a move because he has this neck with most of the quarterbacks that he's played with. To understand exactly how he plays, it's almost like he's playing basketball. … The quick twitch within the movements of his routes off the line, you don't see a lot of guys with that and he is one of a kind. I will say that, he's one of a kind." - Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn

On DE Maxx Crosby:

"I would say he's relentless. You can get your hands on him but he's going to figure out a way to try to get off that. So, you got him locked up, he's going to not just stop his feet, he's going to keep his hands going, his speed going, he's got every move in the book. He can play inside, outside, he can play the left side, he can play the right side. So, trying to nail him down where he's going to be can be a challenge. But I'm excited to see that, you like to see [who] you would consider two of the top tackles in the league on our side going against a talent like him and see that battle." - Detroit Lions offensive line coach Hank Fraley

"I mean, what does he not do well? ... He's very active, alright. He's slithery, he can bend. He's explosive, quick first step, he's very crafty, man. He's a master of his craft, man. His hands, his bend and then his motor. I mean, he just doesn't quit. He's disruptive in the run game and the pass game is not only what you see off the edge or his ability to pressure the quarterback, but it's getting the football out too. It's one thing to get a sack on a guy, but he's getting the ball out if he gets around the horn. So, this will be a big challenge really for our O-line in general because this guy moves around now. He's not going to just be left, he's not going to be right, third down they're going to move him around. All of them have got to be ready for him. But more times than not, he'll be on [Penei] Sewell and [Taylor] Decker and so, those guys are up for the challenge. And that makes you feel a ton better knowing the guys that we've got, but this is going to be a war now. This guy is – he really is. This is the most disruptive defensive player we've played all year to this point, so we've got to be ready." - Detroit Lions Head Coach Dan Campbell

"He's able to wreak havoc in both the run game and the pass game. You're still aware of him and making sure you're doing your best to handle him, and he doesn't come off the field much and is able to wreck a game on his own if you let him. So, we have to do our best not to let him." - Detroit Lions QB Jared Goff

On the Raiders defense:

"They're extremely talented. Obviously, [Crosby] is the first guy that jumps off for you and has been a great player in this league for a long time but have got a lot of respect for Marcus Peters too. I played with him and he's a hell of a player as well as Marcus Epps was with Philly last year, we played him. They've got a bunch of guys over there that can play, and it'll be a challenge." - Detroit Lions QB Jared Goff

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On P AJ Cole:

"They're an interesting group. Their punter [AJ Cole], he's a great player. He's punting the ball 50 yards down the field, they're outside the numbers, both ways he gets a lot of width on it which makes it difficult for the return team, helps the cover unit. He gets a lot of width on the ball, doesn't out kick the coverage either necessarily. He puts it like I say, about 50 yards down the field. He stretches the returner out, he makes that guy run right and left to catch the ball, he can look like he's going right and go left and look like he's going left and go right and still get the ball out there with a lot of width. So, really good player and then that's kind of them on their punt team." - Detroit Lions special teams coordinator Dave Fipp

On WR DeAndre Carter:

"I've talked about him before, he's a guy I love, just a great story in this league. He's a great person, really talented player, he knows who he is, he competes. The reason he's there is because he's just such a competitive player, he catches the ball, he's a super quick starter. He hits everything full speed and he believes he's going to make a play every time he touches it and he is downhill in a hurry and ripping it right back at you. So, it's hard to get him down, kickoff coverage it's hard to tackle him down inside the 25 because he just gets started so fast and they do a nice job blocking for him and they got some nice plays that are built around his strengths really." - Detroit Lions special teams coordinator Dave Fipp

The Raiders get a practice in at Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center before heading to Michigan for their Week 8 matchup against the Detroit Lions.

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