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What They're Saying: Mike McDaniel praises how Maxx Crosby 'continues to evolve in his game'

The Raiders are heading to Miami for a Week 11 matchup. Take a look at what the Dolphins' coaches and players had to say leading up to game day.

On the Raiders' talent

"It's a talented team. They have well-coached fundamentals in all three phases. And I think what you're seeing is a team that it means something to play each and every game because they feel that much more a part of the journey when you have as much adversity as one can have in the middle of the season, which is a staff change. Kudos. I think it says a lot about the players in the locker room. I think it says a lot about their talent, but also the type of people that they have that they've been able to band together and rip off a couple wins, which is the only thing that can make you feel better when your system is kind of unraveled." - Miami Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel

"They are hungry. They're just getting back to the simple things of who they want to be. The Raiders play good defense, run the ball, be physical. So it's going to be a good test for us, I'm excited." - Miami Dolphins LB Jerome Baker

"They're a team with a lot of new life, a lot of great playmakers that could change the game at any moment. So, it's not just the Raiders this week. They're a great football team and it's a team we're about to take very seriously and be ready to bring it." - Miami Dolphins LB Bradley Chubb

On WR Davante Adams

"He's one of the best receivers in this league. He does a great job of gaining leverage on opponents, I think that's something we all can take from his game as far as all of the receivers in this league. He does a great job at that." - Miami Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill

"I see a great player. I've went against him all those years when he was in Green Bay and I was in Chicago. He's got great size, great ball skills, really good catch radius. He's strong at the ball, runs good routes. He's definitely one of the top receivers in the league." - Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Vic Fangio

"It's tough to stop a guy like 17. I've seen him run through double teams, slip underneath two man. But you've got to be locked into the details and playing really good technique versus this guy because regardless if you're doubled or not, they're going to force feed him." - Miami Dolphins passing game coordinator and secondary coach Renaldo Hill

On RB Josh Jacobs

"Jacobs is an excellent back. One of the top backs in the league. They're doing a good job of blocking for him. ... It'll be a stern test." - Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Vic Fangio

On the Raiders defense

"I think the thing they do really well is they play together, obviously. If you look at the past two games that they've played in, defensively they look really good. 98, I mean Maxx Crosby, all over the field. If you look at his film, no straggling from that guy. You can see why he's talked about the way he's talked about, a lot of respect for him. I think that's someone we're going to need to keep our eye on. And they got good guys in the back field. So, it's not a team to sleep on and we've got to be ready for whatever they have to throw at us." - Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa

On DE Maxx Crosby

"What a cool player because he kind of burst into the spotlight as a rookie and created a name for himself out the gate, which is unusual. But he's proven why he is the player he is, why he garners the respect he deserves, and continues to evolve in his game because he is a player that has a relentless motor, that has the ability to win in both run and pass downs. With his strain and he has a, I don't know if you'd call it a slippery ability to bend around the punch of tackles and tight ends, he can really get on edges of players and disrupt the game and he doesn't take downs off while doing it. ... He's both talented with a high motor, and that generally equals success in the National Football League." - Miami Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel

"The Raiders' great defensive player Maxx Crosby, he never comes off the field and it never affects his effort." - Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator Vic Fangio

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