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What They're Saying: Robert Saleh, Jets ready to take on a 'really freaking good' Raiders defense

The Raiders and the Jets are set for a Week 10 primetime matchup. Take a look a what the Jets' players and coaches had to say leading up to game day.

On the Raiders' overall talent:

"They're talented. Their defense is really freaking good. Offensively, obviously Josh Jacobs and Davante (Adams) are two of the best in football. They play with a lot of juice, a lot of energy last week. They've been in a lot of football games, they're still hovering around that 500 mark and winning football games. They're a good football team. They took the Chargers to the wire. They had some games where you could look at it and say they're that close to having a winning record and being in the conversation to win their division. So, a lot of respect to them, a lot of respect to the talent on that roster and we know we got our hands full going over there." - New York Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh

On DE Maxx Crosby

"That dude's a great player. Unbelievable player, all the way across the board." - New York Jets QB Zach Willson

"It's crazy because I actually rep my game after Maxx Crosby. Definitely who I got the spin from so I'm going to be taking notes from him while I'm at the game. Hopefully I'll chop it up with him after but, he was one of my favorite players to watch coming out of college. He's who I rep my game after. It would just be an honor to talk to him get some advice from him." - New York Jets DL Will McDonald

"He's like the Energizer Bunny. He just keeps on going and going and going. ... He is a freak in that regard. He does not stop and I think that's why he's so special. He gets a lot of reps at a very high level. He's got tremendous instinct and feel and plays with violence. He is absolutely relentless. You can tell he absolutely loves the game of football, loves his teammates and he lays it all on the field every single time, every chance he gets." - New York Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh

"He's really good. He's really good at kind of just shooting gaps before guys can get to them and stuff like that. It's kind of cool to see him play. He goes hard every play, he doesn't take a play off. You've just got to hope he doesn't get to ball when you get the ball." - New York Jets RB Breece Hall

"They got a great player on the edge, 98, Maxx Crosby and he plays super high effort, great technique. Whenever you get a guy that's a combination of those two, you know he's going to be a problem and he's every bit of that." - New York Jets WR Garrett Wilson

On QB Aidan O'Connell:

"A guy that doesn't look like a rookie by any means. Great poise. We're fortunate that Coach [Todd] Downing spent almost two days with him out at Purdue in the pre-draft process, so he gave us a lot of insight regarding the character, the man, the football intelligence, all of that, and he he raved about the kid and how he processed and his recall. His football intelligence was way more so than most rookies, and that absolutely shows on tape. He gets through his progressions fast. He delivers the ball accurately, and he's got a little bit of crafty, sneaky athleticism to extend plays and move around." - New York Jets defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich

"Did a good job, he's very poised. A lot of times you see rookies looking at the rush and being nervous about the rush. They're missing the reads, you might miss a guy that's open, but you can see him keeping his eyes downfield and having subtle movements in the pocket. Does a really nice job. He plays smart." - New York Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh

"He got good decision making, he got a good arm. Yeah, he's good." - New York Jets CB Sauce Gardner

On RB Josh Jacobs:

"He is tough, he is violent and he loves physicality. He loves contact. He is not that back that's looking to run out of bounds. He is not that back that's looking to dance around. He gets vertical. Violent stiff arm. A really good running back. He's a guy that the offensive line blocks for two, he gets five. Offensive line blocks for five, he gets 15. He's hard to bring down. It's going to take population to get to the ball with this guy." - New York Jets defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich

"The challenge is more people getting to him on the tackle. He's going to run strong, he's going to run through the holes. ... He's just one of those guys that's not going to go down on the first contact." - New York Jets LB C.J. Mosley

On WR Davante Adams:

"I would say he's an artist and by that, I mean he's just very technical with everything that he does. Every step means something. He is very deliberate with his releases at the line of scrimmage. You can tell he watched film on the corners that he's playing. Even at the top of the route, he knows how to manipulate leverages, he knows how to create an illusion of going somewhere and actually going somewhere else. Obviously, he can catch the ball, he has decent size, he could run, he has decent speed, he just an overall great receiver. There's a reason why he's always at the top of the list every year when you talk about the best receivers in the league." - New York Jets CB D.J. Reed

"When you just study, not necessarily studying his targets, not necessarily studying his catches, his yards, you just see the movement and the route running, and the separation, and he's still scary in all of those ways. I know our guys are excited to play against him because he is absolutely still one of the best wide receivers in this league." - New York Jets defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich

"He's an elite talent, obviously. Probably going to be in the Hall of Fame one day and he's got a tremendous mindset. Everything I've heard about him, just obviously being connected to all those guys in Green Bay and with Coach LaFleur and all that, but he's elite. Elite in every aspect of football and an elite football player aside from just his athleticism. He understands the game, he can feel space, he can feel just his releases, just all of it." - New York Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh

"He makes all his routes look the same, it's pretty self explanatory. He's got good hands, it's a lot of great things he can do. I'm not just going to sit there and go down the list, but he's one of, if not the best receiver in the league. He presents a huge challenge as well." - New York Jets CB Sauce Gardner

Head inside Intermountain Health Performance Center as the Raiders prepare for Sunday Night Football against the New York Jets.

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