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Wiz: "There are places we're closer"


Q: Are you guys taking steps to getting that first win these past couple weeks? Do you feel like you're getting closer?**

Wisniewski:"Yeah. There are places we're closer; there are places we're the same. We've been right there at the end of these last three and haven't done it. It's been a different thing every time. Tony [Interim Head Coach Tony Sparano] was talking about, every game it was something different that we really failed at that cost us. This game it was turnovers, a game or two before it was third down that we were bad at that was the problem. It's been some different things. You could say we're getting closer in some ways, yeah, but Tony said this too; it's about consistency. We have to be consistent. We fixed the third down problem, but now we have a turnover problem. We can't have new problems every week. We have to be consistent. You can't win in this league if you're not consistently doing well in all areas."

Q: Is it harder to win when it's something different each week? Does that make it harder to put your finger on what you need to do to fix it?

Wisniewski:"I don't know if it's harder, it's just a different emphasis."

Q: On the fake field goal at the beginning the game, were you on the field?


Q: Center?

Wisniewski:"No. I was at tight end."

Q: Because on the radio they said they thought it was you that snapped it, but it was [Jon] Condo, right?

Wisniewski:"Yeah. We had field goal personnel in there so Condo was center."

Q: Just 22 carries, do you think you guys could have stuck with the running game more than you did?

Wisniewski:"We started off running well and then we stalled a little bit. Anytime you're stalling in the run game you're going to go to some passes and that's the way it works, and at the end of the game we're down and we have to throw, that's kind of the way it goes."

Q: Coach was saying it was just an average game for the offensive line, how did you see it?

Wisniewski:"Yeah, I think that's right. Some guys might have played better than others, but overall it was average. Too many mistakes, penalties, quarterback getting hit. Sometimes that's on us, sometimes it's something else, but he's [Derek Carr] getting hit too many times and getting pressured too many times."

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