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Woodley: "We're ready to go"


Woodley: **"We're ready to go. We're ready to come back home and play a division game here at home."

Q: Do things like moving people around the locker room, changing the schedules, things like that; is there a benefit to that?

Woodley:"I don't know. I haven't paid attention to who's been moving around the locker room or not. All I know is that we have to go out there and practice, regardless of where you're at in the locker room. I haven't really paid attention to the switch around."

Q: Just talk about Tony Sparano taking over and just your thoughts.

Woodley:"We all saw what he did out there in Miami. Watching him this year work with the o-line, he's definitely a coach that when he has something to say, he's going to say what he has to say. Going out there, he changed practice a little bit. His mindset is he's moving forward, that's just like everybody else on this team, it's moving forward. We're going out here and taking care of these next 12 games."

Q: Do you feel a sense of I guess hitting the restart button and maybe a fresh start now?

Woodley:"When you're 0-4, I kind of look at it like it's the first quarter. The first four games we didn't do good, and now we're in the second quarter and we have to go out here and start playing strong and definitely start with our division games coming up."

Q: How has the last week been for you? Has it been kind of a whirlwind of just waiting to hear what was going on and what was going to happen?

Woodley:"You know what, I wasn't even thinking about it. I knew that we had a bye week and after the bye week we have another game coming up after that. That was my focus, just moving forward and trying to get ready for the next game."

Q: Looking at being 0-4, are you confident that maybe you guys can turn this thing around?

Woodley:"I've been on an 0-4 team before last year in Pittsburgh and we still had an opportunity to make the playoffs and we came out 8-8. I don't think of panic, I just think of turning it around and moving forward instead of looking backwards."

Q: Do you know what exactly happened last year with Pittsburgh last year to get it moving forward?

Woodley: "Start winning. It's as simple as that. Just start winning and looking ahead, not looking behind you. When you start looking behind you it slows you up. You have to look ahead if you want to take care of business ahead."

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