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Zach Miller Talks OTAs


TE Zach Miller is congratulated after making a play during last week's OTAs. Photo by Tony Gonzales.

Q: It appears to an observer that the offense feels like you guys are more on the same page. More snappier, less thinking, more reacting.

Miller:I would say, definitely. We have an up-tempo offense, and out here, as you see, how we are [practicing] rapid-fire type plays. You know, we're having some success in OTAs.

![]( Under Hue Jackson, new offensive coordinator, what difference has that made?

Miller: You know, he is just bringing a whole different attitude. He is all about being aggressive as an offense, and making sure we score points, make big plays. He knows we have the talent, we just have to be able to put it together.

Q: What is the balance between the talent you have, the X's and O's, and then attitude?

Miller: It's a fine mix. You have got to have all three, and you have to got have them all in the right proportion. We are working on all three, and just working on executing, and being an explosive offense. As you can see out here, I think we are really coming together.

Q: It appears as that QB Jason Campbell has really come up to speed pretty quickly.

Miller: Oh yeah, Jason's been learning quickly. He is picking up more and more every day. You can see that, between this week and the previous weeks. We've got to keep improving. Keep having fun out there, because practice has been fun.

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