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2011 Thanksgiving Thoughts and Wishes


FB Manase Tonga

First and foremost, I'm thankful for my family, thankful for Raider Nation for everything they've done – for their support. I'm just thankful to be here, all the blessings that God has given us.

FB Marcel Reece

I'm thankful for everything. I'm thankful for my family – I'm so blessed to have a great family, great surroundings. I'm thankful for all my teammate and just my family, friends, and all their health. I'm thankful for everything. I'm in a blessed situation and I feel great every day.

Continue to be thankful for everything that you have, always stick with the Raiders and let's do it this year.

Having a house full of people, all of my brothers there, we're like eight deep. Just having fun, my mom, my grandma cooking and helping them cook.

RB Rock Cartwright

I'm thankful for everything. I'm thankful for waking up in the morning. I'm thankful for my family. I'm thankful for having a job.

QB Terrelle Pryor

I'm thankful for being an Oakland Raider. Just being with the family and everybody coming from a long distance and getting together. This will be the first year so it's kind of weird, you know, but we've got work.

QB Carson Palmer

I'm thankful for my family. I'm thankful for the fact that I get to live in this country and just thankful that family and friends are healthy right now. [Fondest Thanksgiving memory...], my dad trying to cut the turkey. One year, when my buddy Doug, pulled the turkey off the table and was walking it into where we were eating and dropped it on the ground and the plate shattered and the turkey was on the floor, but just being around family and friends and just hanging out.

TE David Ausberry

Memories of Thanksgiving growing up – just going outside and playing with my older brother and friends, hanging out with family, eating good food, and watching some good football games. That's what it was like growing up. I'm thankful for having a loving and supporting family, getting to play with these guys each and every week and having the opportunity to showcase what I can do and gain respect on this team. I'm very thankful for that. Happy Thanksgiving and we'll try to reel in this win for you guys.

T Khalif Barnes

The cranberry sauce, the stuffing, being with a lot of family, eating turkey until you go to sleep. And then there's also the next day too because you have all the leftover turkey sandwiches for like two or three days. That would be the best right there. Everybody knows what I'm talking about. If you've never had a leftover turkey sandwich from the next day after Thanksgiving, then you are not doing Thanksgiving right. You can eat the turkey hot, cold, that's the one thing about turkey – get a good fried turkey, even regular turkey, the stuffing, you know how it is. I'm drooling thinking about it right now. After the fourth or fifth day, you have to start throwing that stuff away.

I'm thankful for my family back at home, thankful that they're all healthy, thankful for the guys on this team and thankful that we have some good guys on this team that are helping this organization get back on track and thankful to be in the city of Oakland at this time and thankful for everybody in my life right now. Happy Thanksgiving to all you guys out there and hope to see you guys on Sunday and looking forward to you guys helping us be 7-4. Go Raiders.

TE Kevin Boss

Thankful for my health, this wonderful opportunity to play this game for a living, thankful that we're playing at home this week so we can have family come into town and celebrate this wonderful holiday together with family the way it's meant to be. My dad grew up in Detroit so he raised us big Lions fans so my fondest memories are just waking up with my dad and my brother and watching the Lions play even though most of the time they lost. We still had Barry Sanders to watch – that's kind of what just sticks with me. We appreciate all the support you guys have given us this far and we're going to continue to keep this thing going and we're thankful for you guys.

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