Best Quotes of 2014

Tarell Brown:

"I think once you sign up for something, you have to finish it. I'm that type of guy where when I sign up for something, I'm going to give you everything I have until the end. I'm still jacked up about signing here. I love the guys. I love the locker room. I love the organization."

Brice Butler:

"Duffle Bag last night was thinking about something that could get the guys going. I just thought about 'Any Given Sunday,' and Al Pacino, and Duffle Bag liked that. Duffle Bag put it together and went to sleep Brice Butler and woke up Duffle Bag, ready to go today."

"Guys liked it. Duffle feeds the streets, you know what I'm saying? That's the Bag's guarantee."

Derek Carr:

"To be honest, I am very confident from the start. Never arrogant, just extremely confident in my teammates and just what we can do."

DJ Hayden:

"I'm getting older so I can gain a little weight now. I've been just lifting and I think my grown man strength is starting to kick in, so I'm excited for that."

James Jones:

"I've been calling him [Derek Carr] Baby A-Rod [Aaron Rodgers] since he got here. I used to train with DC out in Fresno, so I've been calling him Baby A-Rod even when he was in college."

Khalil Mack:

"This is a team game and you want to win as a team. It's not about me, it's about winning."

Sio Moore:

"I thrive on playing football and being a teammate to the other guys out there and sacrificing and giving everything I've got, and letting them know I'm giving everything I've got. No matter how it happens, however it comes out, they know it."

Marcel Reece:

"'C-Wood' is the G.O.A.T. [Greatest of All Time]. He's kind of that DB that you talk about like the Jerry Rices and the Michael Irvins and the Deion Sanders. Charles Woodson is right there."

Brandian Ross:

"This guy [Woodson], you watch him yesterday, he's flying over piles and diving into piles and he's not taking anything for granted. He's chopping guys at the knees, and it's like, he's like almost 100 and he's doing that, so if he can do it at this stage, why can't I?"

Antonio Smith:

"All masters always worry about how the progress of their young Padawans is doing. I'm looking forward to see how they've reached masterhood since I left them."

"Right now I just ordered my new eight ball, so I'm waiting on my eight ball to come in so I can predict the future. Right now my powers are dwindling."* *

"Training camp is 100 and something degrees in Houston and up here training camp wasn't as bad because you have that good weather. It might put a good six more years on Tone's legs. You never know, I might play this game for 50 years. If I stay out here in Cali."

"My name is Dragonfly Tone. It is a pleasure for you to meet me. As you may well know, I studied under the great Bruce Lee. He was on the second floor, I was on the first."

Tony Sparano:

"I have gotten some game balls before, but quite honestly, probably none more meaningful than that one. I say that because of what this team has been through and how far we've had to come. How much the guys have stayed together in that locker room. I really appreciated it last night."

"The message I left the players with is that first of all, I was very proud of them. They handled a difficult situation with class, with dignity and professional."

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