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Brice Butler Chats with the Media

On time at USC and eventual transfer to San Diego St.: "Our coaching staff came in totally new, pretty much revamped the whole staff, and our staff came in and had a different agenda. They're trying to bring in guys to win games as soon as possible and like you said, I went from a guy who was Pac-10 All-Conference Freshman to a guy that didn't play that much because coach [Lane Kiffin] had to make a decision. He made the decision and he went with it."

On whether he will play receiver or move to cornerback: "I never heard that from the Raiders, no. I'm pretty sure they want me to play receiver."

On father's advice in preparing for NFL: "Yeah, really mainly on what lies ahead. He was a projected first-rounder when he came out and got drafted first round so with that being said, I knew I was going to seventh or free agent. So he couldn't really give me too much on the draft process because there was really no process for my dad. Back in the day, he came out and he got picked in the first round, so he just walked there, his phone is ringing, he just picked up the phone, and he was an Atlanta Falcon. Outside of that, he definitely told me a lot about the business of the NFL, the ins and outs of certain things, and what to be prepared and how to handle most of the things that are to come."

On contact with Raiders: "Yeah, I knew they were interested. Coach [Ted] Gilmore, a guy that coached me at USC, he's been talking to me throughout the whole process and he called me 10 or 15 minutes before they drafted me. He was like, 'Hey man, we've got a couple of picks left. I'm going to try my hardest to bring you up here. I know what you can bring to the table. I would love to coach you again.' And he said that and I was like, 'Yeah, definitely Coach. You know I'd love to play for you again. I loved it when I was with you at 'SC. If that opportunity comes, I'll definitely be ready to go.' Ten, fifteen minutes later, the Raiders are calling."

On graduating early from SDSU: "It was a goal. Going into 'SC, I wanted to get my degree. My mindset going into college was going three-and-out. That definitely didn't happen, but that was my mindset. My thing was graduating as fast as possible, and so I was staying for summer school. You had to work out at the school, so I couldn't come home to Atlanta. That's a far flight, so I stayed at school and I was at summer school every year taking two or three courses in summer school. So, I was just knocking out units and I graduated a little early."

On whether he was disappointed that his pro day didn't raise his draft stock: "Oh no, not at all. The whole time, my agent was telling me before the pro day my grade was seven or free agent. I was going around like, 'Hey, I could get sixth round, I could get third round, I could get drafted so that was my mindset. Going into pro day, it was a seven or free agent grade, and what my agent told me was, 'If you show out on pro day and do your thing, it will only solidify your spot in the draft if you do what you have to do.' I ended up having a pretty good day." 

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