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Broncos Coach John Fox Talks to Local Media


Q: Is facing a team that doesn't have a win the real test to whether you as a team come in really prepared and focused to play regardless of the opponent?

Coach Fox:"I think we're just going to try to be responsible for what we can control, and that's us. That's our focus. We don't look at records, we look at tape. Obviously, there are some very good players, very good talent on the Oakland Raiders. They're a division team. Historically, our approach is when you play a division team, you don't look at records because you know what kind of a fight it's going to be and it's going to be on the road. So that's our mindset at this point."

Q: There were a lot of similarities drawn between Von Miller and Raiders' No. 5 pick Khalil Mack right after Mack first got drafted. Working with Von every day and seeing Mack on film, do you see any similarities in terms of style and how they rush the passer?

Coach Fox:"Yeah, I really do. He was a player that I thought very highly of even though he played at a smaller school and all that stuff. [He's] very physical gifted – great motor. We weren't going to probably have a shot at him, but you always do your homework because you don't know if there's going to be a trade made or any of that kind of stuff. There was, from a physical standpoint – height, weight, speed, quickness, explosiveness – a lot of similarities. I don't like comparing players. I think [he's] doing a tremendous job of utilizing him. He plays much the same role as we use Von and he plays strong outside on under or weak outside on over and then defensive end on some downs. I know a lot has been made that he hasn't had a sack, but I think he might lead the league in holding penalties versus him. He's tremendous and a guy that we're very aware of."

Q: It seems like Charles Woodson is playing up and being more active in the box recently. How much of a threat does he pose when he does get involved in the run game?

Coach Fox:"We have the utmost respect for him. He's a guy that we actually tried to sign here; he chose to go to Oakland. A Hall of Fame player, a Pro Bowl-type player. We believe he has a lot of football left and when you turn on the tape, you see that he does. They've been able to utilize him a little more as a down safety just because he is such a good cover guy. You can match up on a third wideout, a gifted tight end, or maybe it's a situational back that's very good, so he's got that cover ability and obviously, he's seen a lot of offensive football. He understands the game and that's why he's having a tremendous year."

Q: The Raiders have not gotten a lot out of DJ Hayden because of injuries, but he played a lot of snaps last week. Although he had a lot of penalties, he seemed to be making some progress. Did he jump out of the film at all to you?

Coach Fox:"If I'm not mistaken, I think he had the one interception… just last week on the road in Seattle. He had made a really good break on the ball and had a potential interception. He's skilled. He's a guy that was definitely on our radar in his draft class out of the University of Houston. So I know he had some injury problems and what-not, but I think he caught our people's eyes – our staff's eyes as well as our players' – on the tape."

Q: What have you made of Derek Carr so far, from what you've seen?

Coach Fox:"I've seen a guy that can make all the throws. He appears, for a young player, to be very smart – I think ahead of his experience. He's a factor as far as mobility with his speed. I think he's a tremendous young player."

Q: Have you had a chance to talk to Dennis Allen much?

Coach Fox:"I did talk to him after the Raiders made a change. I just said, 'Hey, you're a tremendous coach, another opportunity is going to arise and nothing but the best to you and your family.' I know Tony [Sparano] as well. It's part of our business; it's the tough part."

Q: What has Greg Knapp brought to your offense and passing game?

Coach Fox:"He's coaching our quarterbacks. [Offensive coordinator] Adam Gase leans on him in the passing game. Obviously, he spends every minute of meetings and practice with Peyton. I think he's a tremendous quarterbacks coach. We've got a young guy here, Brock Osweiler, as far as developing young guys, and he's been around a Hall of Fame quarterback. I think he is a unique coach with a unique experience, and I think he's done a tremendous job for us."

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