Broncos Offer High Praise for Raiders DE Khalil Mack in Loss

The Oakland Raiders defeated the Denver Broncos 15-12 at Sports Authority Field at Mile High in 2015 regular season Week 14 action. After the game, several members of the Broncos spoke about the Raiders' performance in this critical AFC West matchup.

Broncos Head Coach Gary Kubiak:

"We lost the line of scrimmage. I've got to go back and look at it. There is no doubt we got pushed around. We did not run the ball well at all. They were in our backfield. I think we had 16 carries for [25] yards in the first half. Came out in the third quarter, I think we had four three-and-outs and we dropped a few balls, turned the ball over—just added that to the we were struggling at the line of scrimmage."

"They come out, they go right down the field to start the second half, if I'm correct, and they go down and score. We go three-and-out. We lost the field position battle in the third quarter poorly. We give up a safety."

"[Khalil Mack is] a great player. We tried to help a little bit on him, but sometimes when you're back there, you've got to hold up. We didn't hold up. He played on our left, he played on our right, he played everywhere. He's a great player. Just give him credit."

"We had 220-something yards at halftime. I think we might have had 10 in the third quarter. We did nothing in the third quarter. You've got to play all day, keep going and no reason why we shouldn't have. We could have made plays at the end of the game that could have been the difference, too. Got to give them credit. They did a hell of a job."

"Let me give [Raiders Head Coach] Jack [Del Rio] and them credit. They did a hell of a job coaching and playing. They did a great job. It's not like we didn't move the ball. We moved the ball. We didn't finish our drives. I've got no excuse for you. They played well. They did a great job. Jack did a great job, and we've got to get better."


With a spectacular display of defense, the Oakland Raiders earn a precious win against division rival Broncos, snapping an eight- game losing streak to Denver along the way.

Broncos Quarterback Brock Osweiler**

"Everybody fought hard. Unfortunately, Oakland played very well today. [Raiders Head] Coach [Jack] Del Rio had a great game plan. We just came up short."

"Mack is still as good as anybody in this league after this game. He played a tremendous football game. He's a great football player. We knew that he was a great football player. Sometimes--it's hard to do, but sometimes you have to give credit to the opposing team when credit is due. Mack played a phenomenal football game."

"I felt the pressure, I knew it was coming. Obviously, I knew that [Mack] would be coming quick. Unfortunately, there was a situation where I had an open receiver. I was trying to get the ball out, but Mack made a great play. He got there faster than I could get the football out. At that point--I'm assuming that it was him who hit me. I still haven't seen the tape--now you're just trying to gather the ball and just trying to find the throw-away, but credit to him. He just kept coming. He kept playing hard. He's a great football player."

"Once again, I think that's a credit to the Raiders. They had a great game plan. They were playing a lot of Cover 2 today. They were taking our outside throws away to Demaryius and [WR] Emmanuel [Sanders] and basically just giving us the short, inside, middle of the field and they weren't really rushing their interior that hard. They were kind of playing volleyball a little bit. That's when, as a quarterback, you can't throw the ball outside. You know that you can't and you're just trying to find passing lanes. I think I was jumping around a couple of times just trying to find that halfback in the middle."


Broncos Defensive End Malik Jackson**

"It's just one of those things that we came out firing on all cylinders and they came out in the second half and beat us. It's one of those things, they get paid too. It's the NFL. Any given Sunday, we learned that we've got to play all four quarters. So it's just a learning lesson and we had to learn the hard way."

"All we can do is go out there and stop their offense. That's what we tried to do. I think we did a good job of that today, but they've got firepower too and they've got a good defense and it's one of those things that they just won the battle today."

Broncos Linebacker Brandon Marshall on Khalil Mack

"How many sacks did he have? That guy is an animal. There was a lot of talk about him this week. I'm big on the NFL Draft, so I've always watched the NFL Draft and I remember when he came out, I was watching him and different things like that. I remember thinking, 'OK, this guy can do something.' But, I was watching on the sideline and thinking, 'Man, this guy is an animal.' He definitely had a game, I would say that, a career game for sure."

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