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Coach Allen Thursday

On the running backs: "I won't make any decisions…they [Darren McFadden and Mike Goodson] didn't practice today…but I won't make any decision until after practice on Friday."

On the right tackle position: "All three of those guys [Willie Smith, Khalif Barnes, and Tony Bergstrom] have worked, but again, I have a pretty good idea of what we're going to do, but I'm not going to make any decision or any announcement on that until after practice on Friday."

On if he lets players know ahead of time that they're starting: "As far as if we're going to make any type of roster moves or anything like that…

On letting players know about the right tackle position: "Oh, we'll wait and make any kind of announcement Friday after practice. We just tell them to go out and practice just like they always have."

On Tony Bergstrom: "He's been up, so he's been active for those games, so he's a guy that can play any position for us."

On if he's less apt to start Bergstrom at tackle to keep him as a reserve for guard: "No, no."

On first team snaps at running back: "Two guys have taken those snaps. Taiwan [Jones] and Marcel [Reece] have both taken reps there with the first group."

On Baltimore's offensive scheme: "They change up. Just like everybody else, they've got different game plans for different games. Like last week against Cleveland, it was a lot of two back sets and ran the ball. They run the same zone blocking scheme and so I would anticipate seeing some of that, especially after that week. So I would anticipate seeing some two back runs."

On if McFadden and Goodson are in walking boots: "Both of them were in a boot, yes."

On traveling to the East Coast: "We can only control the things that we can control, so we can't let any outside distractions or influences affect that we get prepared to play a game. We're going to kick the thing off at 1:00 eastern time and we have to be ready to go at that point in time."

On if they change the schedule to prepare: "Like I've said before, we start pretty early in the morning anyway. Our meetings start at 7:20 in the morning so guys are up pretty early in the morning to be able to get over here, get whatever treatment they have to get, get whatever extra film study they want to get before we start meeting. So they're over here usually between 6:00 and 6:30 anyway. Our guys get up pretty early."

On if Michael Huff will remain at cornerback this game: "Yes."

On Ron Bartell: "Again, I'm going to look at him again tomorrow and really get a better feel for exactly where he is. We're going to play him as much as we feel like we can play him whenever that time is that we decide to activate him."

On Bartell's progress: "Yeah, I feel good about where he's at."

On the players still being into the process of the football season: "Absolutely. I wouldn't ever say that there's no effect [from losing a game], but the great teams in this league are able to stay consistent and they don't get too up on a win and they don't get too down after a loss. We understand what we've got to do to try to make some corrections, but you have to get yourself ready to play every week. There will be a game next week, so no matter what the outcome is, we have to be ready to play the following week."

On Richard Seymour's injury: "He didn't practice today, so we'll see where he's at tomorrow, but he's got a hamstring injury."

On if the injury is more serious than they thought: "He couldn't practice today if he had to."

On addressing tackling this week: "Part of it is talking about it in meetings and showing them opportunities and how you're going to have to tackle certain individuals. But yeah, we spent some time working on it in practice and tackling this week. We had the pads on for the first part of practice yesterday so we got a chance to use the pads a little bit and practice some tackling."

On padded practices remaining: "Yeah, and I'd hate to tell you exactly how many we've got left, but we're coming up pretty close on the time where there's very few."

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