Coach Cable Friday Transcript

Coach Cable: Okay here is a quick injury update, Jacoby Ford has got a sore quad and didn't practice. Holland has a sore ankle didn't practice. Johnny Lee Higgins didn't finish practice; he has some tightness in the hamstring. Lawton, didn't practice, and Tonga didn't practice. Gallery has a sore ankle and Frye has a sore wrist. Seymour is having some lower back spasms. Ware did not practice as well but there is nothing major there though. Just being a little cautious so just trying to make sure that we get those guys back and not trying to run them in the ground, because it takes too long to get them back. Tempo today was good; we took them out of pads. I wanted to see how they would react to it. So I was really pleased to see that today.

Q: Ramping up for that preseason game, how much of that is game planning or how much of it is doing what you need to do?

Coach Cable:Do what you need to do. The first one there especially, there is not much game planning going on. It is more about getting your guys prepared to play in the game and get ready for that environment and the process of doing it. We are going to travel so I think that is kind of a good thing for us too. We will be able to get those things out of the way, right away.

Q: Playing a team like Dallas, will it really show what some of these young guys are made of in that pressure situation?

Coach Cable:Well sure, you have to remember, 95 percent of this team is playing for jobs. When you start playing those pre-season games, every snap is very critical for each one of those guys.

Q: Playing against a team in the NFC, are you more open than playing a game in the AFC?

Coach Cable:I am not sure this early, I think we will go in there and be able to come back from it, and say that we will have been able to do a pretty nice job evaluating our team. Put ourselves in some situations and did the things that we need to see some guys do.

Q: What is your feel for Jason Campbell this far?

Coach Cable:Well, my early observation, like I said, he is an extremely intelligent guy and works extremely hard at it. He is kind of a preparation nut. He really spends a lot of time at night, doing extra work with Paul and getting himself prepared for each day for when he comes out here. When we got him we obviously heard that he was a quiet guy and not very vocal and things like that. He does a nice job commanding the huddle and directing the other guys in the huddle. My observations are that we are doing very well and I like the professionalism. I like how he works and I like how he prepares himself.

Q: there were a couple of plays on the opposite side of the field where it was hard to tell if Jason Campbell faked it or threw it, or he kept it?

Coach Cable:I think when we started OTAs we were not very good at that. I think that has progressed and I like where that is headed. I am with you, I think that there are some times where you are not sure where it is at, and that is a good thing, but we have got to get that a little bit better.

Q: Does that help your secondary too?

Coach Cable:Sure it does, you bet.

Q: You have got all of these guys on the line gathered around out there talking to Steve Wisniewski, do you like seeing that?

Coach Cable:Absolutely, any time guys who played in this organization want to come back they are always welcome. They certainly bring things to the table. I think that it is really neat when a guy like Steve helps out the guys.

Q: Can you talk about Louis Murphy as the development as a second-year player. What are your expectations? Is he becoming a leader of the wide receiving core because of the year he had last year?

Coach Cable:Well, I think that he has so much more to prove. He will be the first to tell you he has not even scratched the surface. He continues to work and he continues to improve. He has had a little bit of a rough start to camp because he has not been able to practice as much has he would have liked. He certainly has improved and continues to do that. Bottom line is he can be so much better and I think that is exciting.

Q: Officials at practice, is that NFL mandated or do certain teams do it?

Coach Cable:Every team does it. Today is day two of three days that they will be with us. It is about 50 percent NFL and 50 percent PAC 10 guys who are inspiring to be NFL referees. They are very good at the college level. I think that they have done quite a job, and they have done a great job last night explaining some of the rules to us.

Q: In terms of the rule changes, is there one that has more emphasis to where they will be a rule specifically that you worry about?

Coach Cable:You know it is going to be interesting to see how you deal with overtime in the playoffs. I think that is number one, and I think number two is the protection of an unprotected player. They have really made an emphasis on that and that is something that everyone is going to have to deal with.

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