Coach Cable July 31 Transcript


Coach Cable: Quick update, two players who did not work this morning…Chaz Schilens is improving but we want to continue to not have any soreness and keep working on having him in the right shoe, and yesterday Louis Murphy got kicked in the head, how, accidentally or whatever but he has a concussion so we have to deal with it that way.

Q: Do you know how long he might be out?

Coach Cable: You have to go through the protocol, so I imagine about a day or so.

Q: You hate to have a receiver go down, but in a way has that helped the other guys who ordinarily wouldn't get more reps, it gives them a chance now?

Coach Cable: It's actually is a good thing right now, you're getting Jacoby Ford and Todd Watkins and all those guys are getting more reps I think it's good, Shaun Bodiford got more work, Paul Hubbard, I think it helps them all.

Q: Are they going about as hard as you want them to go without pads, you want to see the desire but at the same time don't want them to go too hard?

Coach Cable: I think the one thing that has jumped out as us as a coaching staff is how competitive these guys on our football team are, I mean you want to win whether they are walking through or jogging through they are going to try and make plays. I think you're seeing that, and that's what we want before we get to pads.

Q: Talk about Darrius Heyward-Bey's practice, today he made some great catches…

Coach Cable: I think he is definitely continuing to improve, it is a good thing for our team, and him, and it shows you again all the work he has done, but he continues to get better.

Q: He was looking like he can run after the catch and can take a guy on if he needs to?

Coach Cable: I think him and Chaz especially, they are big receivers after the catch he has learned how to do that part.

Q: How are the rookies coming along?

Coach Cable: Picking it up, they are doing fine that way, they are adjusting well. I like the how group has taken to the older leadership on this team, I see those young d-linemen reaching out to Richard [Seymour] and you see Rolando McClain talking to Trevor Scott and Kamerion Wimbley. Rookies come to camp and they got a lot on their plate and reaching out for guys to help them and they are doing that.

Q: What do you think of Jared Veldheer's progress and how much will he be contributing?

Coach Cable: I think when we get towards the next week some time I can answer that a little better, he is progressing well, it is just a matter can he do It, can he consistently go out and get it done. As a line that's all your job is, to do things well enough to succeed. He is learning to do that, he is a talented guy so we hope that as he gets into the grind of camp he can handle it.

Q: Was it exciting to see your wide receivers make some catches and see the defense come right back and make plays?

Coach Cable: As soon as you said that I thought about  'what about some of the interceptions out there a couple of guys made', McFadden made one out there,  it was a great squeeze, I just like how both sides are out there trying to make plays. I think that is the most productive thing right now going on, even though we are trying to restrain it if you will, it is the competitive nature of this team.

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