Coach Cable Monday Transcript

Coach Cable: Okay, let's get a quick injury update here. Guys that did not practice; Jacoby Ford, Paul Hubbard, Chaz Schilens, Luke Lawton, Darren McFadden, Charie Frye and Bruce Gradkowski and Jay Richardson. The two guys that didn't finish practice just from some soreness, John Henderson and Nnamdi Asomugha. Just a little bit of leg soreness kept them out. We stayed true to what we were doing from yesterday. Had a situation, two situations, third down and seven on seven; backed up [against the goal line] period down there and then spent some time working on downs at the end.

Q: At this point are you leaning on just leaving Chaz Schilens out for this first game?

Coach Cable: We haven't really talked about that. Who we might hold out and who we haven't, we just kind of decided about going through the first quarter with the first groups, and then from there start to substitute.

Q: In the game against Dallas, what do you think Dallas is going to bring out of the Raiders?

Coach Cable: Well, I think that they are a very physical team on both sides of the ball. So it is a good start for us to be in that environment and especially on the road. It will be our first game and their second obviously. I think that's what they will bring to the table and that is what we should expect.

Q: Tom, what has been the most impressive thing about Rolando McClain as he breaks through his first camp?

Coach Cable: I think that he is well schooled, I think that first and foremost. I think his ability to retain, I mean being a rookie and going through minicamp and OTA, he came to camp with great retention. I mean he was able to line up day one and make calls and adjust. So he has been well schooled and well trained.

Q: Is that more impressive than what you would expect from a rookie, at this point?

Coach Cable: You don't see too many like that, I guess is the point. You see guys that are really talented, particularly those guys that you draft early like that. But they all seem to have a process they go through. For him I think he's a head of it a little bit because of his background.

Q: is it also an opportunity for you to get the logistics down as far as the team getting there, and the coaches working with the other coaches on the field?

Coach Cable: Oh sure, that is the whole thing in the pre-season, is getting yourselves ready. Not just your team but your staff. The travel, all those things in terms of preparation for the regular season.

Q: For special teams, what would be your goal to see from them throughout each game this year?

Coach Cable: There is specific goal for our special teams, and that is to improve the return game. Continue to grow and be as good as we can be, our coverage teams which have been very good but the emphasis without question is to improve our return game.

Q: Bruce Campbell's progress as a right guard, he started as a left tackle and has been a right guard exclusively since the off-season. Is he now acclimated to the right side, and what have you seen from him?

Coach Cable: Yes, I do think he is acclimated. I think it is still being able to speed him up playing at the right tempo and speed when the ball is snapped. That is still a little bit different for him then it is in college. But these pre-season games will help that a lot. They help young linemen a tremendous amount.

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