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David Ausberry Media Session


TE David Ausberry makes a great catch during practice. Photo by Tony Gonzales.

Q: How is the transition to the tight end position coming along?

David Ausberry: As far as getting down there and blocking with the big boys, it's different. But I'm learning every day and they are bringing me along.

Q: What about the weight? Have they asked you to put on any weight or are they worried that you will lose some of the wheels if you do?

Ausberry: That hasn't really been a concern. They want me to put on 10 more pounds but whatever they want me to do, I'll do.

Q: What do you weigh at this time here at camp?  

Ausberry: When I got into camp, I was about 244 or 245 pounds. I'm eating right and trying to take care of my body so I can get up to about 250 pounds.

Q: How much did you weigh at USC?

Ausberry: At USC, I was about 232 pounds.

Q: So do you think you can you carry that weight with you?

Ausberry: I think when I was training for pro day, I weighed 243 pounds and felt really fast. I feel like I'm carrying it pretty well.

Q: Is this the weight that the Raiders asked you to put on?

Ausberry: They want me to put on about 5 or 10 more pounds but if they ask me to put on a little bit of weight, I can still carry it.

Q: At USC, did you play any tight end?

Ausberry: I played tight end for about a week and a half. Everybody got hurt and they needed another body out there. It just shows that I was a team guy and wanted to make a change to try to help.

Q: Through the process to get to the combine and the pro day, have people told you to be prepared as you might play tight end?

Ausberry: Yes, sir. I knew it was a possibility and that a lot of people would try it. I was prepared and I'm taking the transition.

Q: Do you think with your speed and receiving skills that you can be a weapon at that tight end spot?

Ausberry: Hopefully. Coach Jackson and the staff feel that way. I know I can make the plays and they know that I can make them. Hopefully, I can gain their respect and get on the field to help.

Q: Are you pretty enthused with the performance you're putting on out there? I saw you happened to make a real big play today. Are you trying not to get too ahead of yourself?

Ausberry: Yes, it's always day-by-day. I'm making mistakes all over the field but you would only know this in our own room. I'm trying to take it slowly, learn the blocking assignments first, and then go from there.

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