Del Rio Concludes the 2015 Draft

Following the conclusion of the 2015 NFL Draft, Head Coach Jack Del Rio spoke to the assembled media at the team's Alameda, Calif., practice facility Saturday.

He addressed a variety of topics including the incoming draft class as well as some specifics about the individual draftees.

Here are some quick hits from his time behind the microphone.

- There's Still Work to Do

While the Raiders 2015 draft class is now finalized, there's still work to do for Coach Del Rio and his staff.

General Manager Reggie McKenzie will now begin the process of signing college players who went undrafted.

"We're still busy now as the Draft is coming to a close," said Coach Del Rio. "We're getting into the college free agent process and that's an important time as well every year. When I was a head coach, and I know with each of the last couple years with [General Manager Reggie McKenzie] here, free agents have made the team and contributed, so this is an important time as well."

- It Has Been a Productive Offseason Both on and Off the Field

The months since Coach Del Rio took over in Oakland have been productive, both on and off the field.

The Raiders have added depth and competition on the roster through free agency, as well as the Draft, and there have also been upgrades applied to the team's practice facility.

"This has been a productive offseason," he said. "Our free agency was sound and solid, and we acquired some really good players, and strengthened our team and made it more competitive. We feel like we come out of this draft weekend feeling good about the work that went into it and the way it laid out for us, and the fact that we're able to acquire some really good players that are excited to be Raiders. I think on top of that, when you look at the facility upgrades, some of the things that we have going on right now – it's a great time to be a Raider, so I'm excited to be leading the franchise."

- The 2015 Draft Class has Grit

Coach Del Rio spoke about the importance of his players having grit and toughness both on and off the football field, and how that characteristic is something he puts extreme value on.

"One of the things that we covet is guys that have grit," he said. "Guys that have a chip on their shoulder, something to prove. Guys that there is some purpose to them and why they go about things, why they attack things and all that."

-Versatility is the Name of the Game

One word that was used to describe several of the Raiders draft picks this weekend was "versatility."

General Manager Reggie McKenzie and his staff selected players that could do a multitude of things on the football field and had the ability to play numerous positions.

"Certainly that weighs into it and is part of the process," Coach Del Rio said. "That these guys are capable of being more than just a guy that's limited to one, specific, role, one, specific situation where he can thrive.

- Competition is Crucial

Coach Del Rio has stated on numerous occasions the importance of fostering competition throughout the roster, and he reiterated that point again Saturday.

He has high expectations for his team, and expects them to compete day-in and day-out.

"We want to make it a really competitive roster," Coach Del Rio stated. "We want there to be genuine competition, and we did the best we could to do that.  We definitely feel like we strengthened ourselves this weekend, and look forward to getting our hands on these guys and getting to work."

-JDR Isn't Worried About Letter Grades

Now that the Draft is officially over, pundits far and wide will release their "Draft Grades" for each team in the league following Draft Weekend.

However, Coach Del Rio isn't concerned about these grades and will let his team's play on the field do the talking for him.

 "I'm more worried about how we grade out in September when we start playing games," he said. "Right now, I know it was a good, solid effort. I think we've had a lot of good solid efforts and we're just trying to put together one day after another, make it a great day one day after another. This is, I think, an excellent weekend for us and just one step along the way in this process of building this organization back where it belongs."

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