Draft Prospects: Running Backs

The Raiders.com Draft Prospects series is back for 2015. You can find information on each prospect invited to the NFL's Annual Scouting Combine by position. We continue with a look at the RUNNING BACKS invited to participate in the NFL Scouting Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. *Photos courtesy of the respective player's university or college.

Ameer Abdullah | 5-9 | 195 | Nebraska



Abdullah totaled 813 carries for 4,588 yards and 39 TDs and caught 73 passes for 690 yards and 7 TDs. He also returned 62 kickoffs for 1,592 yards. In 2014, he rushed 264 times for 1,611 yards and 19 TDs.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Decisive runner with good lower-body drive and a willingness to run behind his pads. Finishes his runs. Has NFL-caliber burst and can hit top speed quickly. Defenses must respect his ability to turn the corner on play-side. Patient runner with plus vision. Willing to seek out cutback lanes. Rarely dances to the line or makes unnecessary lateral moves. Isn't a predictable runner. Lacks blazing top-end speed but plays fast. Highly competitive with a high football IQ. Hasn't dropped a pass in two years and can be a valuable weapon in passing attack. Will make arm tacklers pay and is better in short yardage than most backs his size. Can help immediately as a punt or kick returner. Personal and football character is considered off-the-charts by the scouting community.

Jay Ajayi | 6-0 | 216 | Boise St



In three seasons at Boise St, Ajayi totaled 678 carries for 3,796 yards and 50 TDs and caught 73 passes for 771 yards and 5 TDs. In 2014, he rushed 347 times for 1,823 yards and 28 TDs and added 535 receiving yards with 4 TDs. He as a Doak Walker Award Semifinalist and an Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award finalist in 2014.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Good size and great feet. Former soccer player with sudden feet. Able to string together multiple moves at a time. Varies speeds as a runner and can call on second gear when he sees daylight. Hips and feet always in sync thanks to soccer background. Shows enough wiggle to make defenders miss and can create and improvise if creases aren't offering much. Runs with wide base and generates leg drive to push. Plays with bend and bursts through the hole with low pad level. Reliable yards-after-contact back. Accelerates into contact on second level. True weapon out of backfield with adequate hands and good feel for maximizing each catch in space. Twists and turns and fights to fall forward. Asked to be physical, downhill runner between tackles and he obliged. Shows good blitz recognition. Showed mental toughness and character, coming back from deep in the doghouse for October 2011 arrest.

Buck Allen | 6-1 | 220 | Southern California



In three seasons, Allen rushed 416 times for 2,295 yards and 25 TDs and totaled 63 receptions for 710 yards and 2 TDs. In 2014, he had 276 carries for 1,489 yards and 11 TDs and 41 catches for 458 yards and a TD.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Loose hips for tight turns and razor-sharp cuts. Has quick-stop, jump-cut ability to make defenders miss in the backfield. Can slalom back and forth, navigating around traffic through the line of scrimmage and into the second level. Able to shake linebackers and downhill safeties in space. Short-area acceleration to give leg-tacklers a vanishing target. Has lateral quickness to bounce runs outside and create something out of nothing. Factors into passing game, averaging 11.3 yards per catch over last two seasons. Plays with adequate burst through the crease. Able to handle a heavy workload if asked.

Cameron Artis-Payne | 5-11 | 210 | Auburn



In two years at Auburn, Artis-Payne had 394 total carries for 2,218 yards and 19 TDs. In 2014, he rushed 303 times for 1,608 yards and 13 TDs. He added 13 receptions for 151 yards.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Patient runner who waits for blocks to develop before attacking the hole. Will duck his head and finish a run. Short-stepper who gets to top speed quickly. Looks to keep the runs north and south. Effective spin move on second level. Good ball security. Due to stocky frame, defenders underestimate his burst around the corner and tend to take poor angles on him. Willing banger between tackles.

Dominque Brown | 6-2 | 241 | Louisville



In four seasons at Louisville, Brown carried the ball 419 times for 1,795 yards and 16 touchdowns. He also caught 16 passes for 443 yards and 2 touchdowns.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Big back with power potential. Adequate vision with lower-body strength to dismiss angle tackles lacking commitment. Effectively presses line of scrimmage on inside zone runs. Runs along scheduled track and generally stays square to line of scrimmage. Soft hands out of the backfield and has enough straight-line speed to win on wheel route. Size and strength to become above average in pass protection.

Malcolm Brown | 5-11 | 222 | Texas



In four seasons, Brown rushed 623 times for 2,653 yards and 24 touchdowns and caught another 50 passes for 389 yards and 3 touchdowns. Started all 12 games in 2014, selected second-team All-Big 12 by the coaches and second-team Academic All-Big 12.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Strong finisher who gathers and delivers a blow at point of initial impact. Will run through arm tackles. Falls forward and churns out as much as he can from his runs. Showed ability to wear down defenses. Plus blocker who steps up to take on blitzers. Capable pass receiver out of backfield. Rarely hesitates as a runner. Has decent jump-cut in the hole to avoid sudden traffic. Had success with zone plays early in his career. Known as a good worker in the weight room and considered a quiet, high-character player and person.

Mike Burton | 6-0 | 230 | Rutgers



As a fullback, Burton totaled 47 catches for 401 yards and 3 TDs and rushed 22 times for 116 yards. In 2014, he had 15 receptions for 150 yards.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Crafty pass-catcher out of backfield. Shows desired speed into routes and is always ready for the throw. Good, not great, ball-catcher who is able to adjust to poor throws. Agile with ability to make defenders miss in space. Has radar to find his assignment as lead blocker. Gives good effort to mirror and stay connected at contact in protection.

B.J. Catalon | 5-9 | 190 | Texas Christian



In three seasons at TCU, Catalon totaled 328 carries for 1,644 yards and 16 TDs and 48 receptions for 393 yards and 2 TDs. He also returned 36 kickoffs for 997 yards and 2 TDs. In 2014, he rushed 98 times for 493 yards and 10 TDs and 14 catches for 163 yards and 1 TD.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Uses small, choppy steps as a runner, allowing for maximum balance, body control and change of direction. Comfortable in outside-zone game with one-cut burst to hit it downhill or acceleration to ride track to the corner. Changes run tempo to create indecisiveness from defenders. Versatile. Lined up in the slot as a receiver at times and also returned some kickoffs. Ran quality slant routes and showed an ability to catch the ball over the middle. Vision is a plus and sees steep cutback lanes.

David Cobb | 5-11 | 220 | Minnesota



Cobb totaled 562 carries for 2,893 yards and 20 TDs and 34 receptions for 339 yards. In 2014, Cobb recorded 314 rushes for 1,626 yards and 13 TDs. Received the team's MVP award and the team's outstanding offensive player award.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Powerful, compact runner with a low center of gravity. Efficient and decisive. Makes defenders miss with slight movement and hand usage. Won't succumb to arm tackles. Gained 54 percent of his yardage after contact from 2013-2014. Patient runner who gets the most from his runs. Has good speed in open field for a back his size. Balance is his friend. Smooth change-of-direction with little wasted motion. Gets low and finishes with leg drive. When he smells the end zone, he wants to eat.

Tevin Coleman | 6-1 | 210 | Indiana



In three seasons at Indiana, he had 452 carries for 3,219 yards and 28 TDs and 54 receptions for 383 yards. In 2014, he rushed 270 times for 2,036 yards and 15 TDs and 25 catches for 141 yards and finished 7th in Heisman voting.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Decisive north-south runner. Outstanding three-step burst into second level. Fearless between the tackles. Has dangerous jump-cut to instantly change gaps and ruin the plans of linebackers. Stays square to the line and is always in ready position to hit turbo. Fluid and flexible lower body with elite one-cut ability and natural change-of-direction talent without gearing down. Power in legs to slice through arm tackles and uses free hand as quality stiff-arm. Violent run finisher. Will duck shoulder and throw heavy forearm into tackler to prove a point. Not a content runner -- keeps feet moving after contact and won't give in. Capable hands out of backfield and willing to square up and engage pass rushers on pass plays. Hits top speed so quickly that safeties and linebackers repeatedly take poor angles, leading to long touchdowns. Half of his 28 career rushing touchdowns were of 43-plus yards, including eight of 64-plus yards.

John Crockett | 6-0 | 202 | North Dakota St



Rushed for 1,257 yards and 14 touchdowns in 11 games. Named MVFC Offensive Player of the Week in Week for his 138 yards and 3 touchdown performance against Iowa State.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Played in pro-style attack. Patient runner. Has feel for the hole and a sense of timing on when to burst. High school high-jumper. Has hip explosion and enough suddenness to shake a downhill safety and long speed to finish with a big play. Impressive feet that jump cut, side step and reset with ease. Can make tight moves. Proved to be dangerous out of the backfield. Consistent production while playing for a consistent winner. Tenacious, with strong desire to succeed. Big personality with loads of confidence.

Mike Davis | 5-9 | 223 | South Carolina



In three seasons, Davis rushed 454 times for 2,440 yards and 22 TDs and caught 70 passes for 755 yards and 2 TDs. In 2014, he had 199 carries for 982 yards and 9 TDs and 32 catches for 368 yards and 2 TDs.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Compact frame with plus balance as a runner. Keeps feet moving in traffic and can pinball from defender to defender. Uses spin move effectively to avoid the hit and keep running. Will duck head and accelerate behind his pads with force to finish his runs. Downhill runner near the end zone with adequate push to grind out the extra half yard needed. Creates separation to the perimeter with quality stiff arm and showed surprising top-end speed to hit the long run in 2013. Gets adequate separation out of backfield and can convert the catch into a first down. Capable in pass protection with understanding of protections.

Michael Dyer | 5-9 | 212 | Louisville



Spent two seasons at Auburn before transferring to Louisville. Totaled 578 carries for 3,039 yards and 22 TDs. In 2014, he had 110 rushes for 481 yards and 5 TDs and caught 3 passes for 40 yards.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Has experience in pro-style sets. Willing to keep his running track between the tackles. Not a physical runner, but has enough leg strength to break open field tackle attempts near his legs. Drops pad level and protects the ball at point of impact. Was at his best in big game against Florida State. Only fumbled once in 153 carries while at Louisville.

Jahwan Edwards | 5-10 | 219 | Ball St



Edwards totaled 884 carries for 4,558 yards and 51 yards, 57 receptions for 361 yards and 16 kick returns for 258 yards. In 2014, he had 262 rushes for 1,252 yards and 12 TDs.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Desired size and strength to carry the load. Smooth glider. Maneuvers through pockets of traffic and has feel for finding a crease. Consistently finishes run and falls forward. Will hit the gas and steam into contact with pads low. Drives legs at contact and will force another defender to come help with the tackle. Shows adequate one-cut talent with an ability to cut it across the grain when needed. Stepped it up as receiver his senior year with 29 catches for 236 yards. Solid hands and ran diverse routes at times rather than just being safety option in flat. Consistent, high-end production for three straight years.

Jalston Fowler | 6-1 | 248 | Alabama



Fowler totaled 113 carries for 738 yards and 5 TDs and caught 19 passes for 150 yards and 7 TDs. In 2014, he had 12 carries for 69 yards and 11 receptions for 129 yards and 2 TDs. Earned Alabama's President's Award given to players who show perseverance and make contributions to team's success.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Has desired size. Made transition from running back to fullback. Willing iso-blocker. Flashes ability to rock linebackers. Has been used as a move fullback and can catch out of the backfield. Sifts through the masses and finds his responsibility in pass protection. Good body control and vision. Makes reads on stretch plays and finds his target. Can get rush yards that other fullbacks can't.

Melvin Gordon | 6-1 | 213 | Wisconsin



Gordon rushed 631 times for 4,915 yards and 45 TDs during his Wisconsin career. In 2014, Gordon totaled 343 carries for 2,587 yards and 29 TDs and earned the Doak Walker Award and was named the 2014 Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Tall, leggy running back with shredded physique. Transitions run from inside to outside without losing any speed. Can cover five yards in two strides when fully unlocked in open field. Impressive 20-yard burst, creating space to hit the big runs. Averaged 7.6 yards per carry over last two seasons. Had 40 runs for 15-plus yards in 2014. Shifty in open field without having to hesitate. Uses jump-cut at line of scrimmage to change gaps and avoid tacklers. Has an effective spin move to make defenders miss in open field. Great agility and plus balance hurdling opponents diving at his legs. Feet keep moving in tight spaces, probing for daylight. Able to consistently beat college defenders to flank. Loves to run over the tackles. Shows ability to create for himself and has burst and agility to turn small gain into big one. Improved as a pass-catcher over second half of the 2014 season.

Todd Gurley | 6-1 | 226 | Georgia



In three seasons, Gurley rushed 510 times for 3,285 yards and 36 TDs and caught 65 passes for 615 yards and 6 TDs. In 2014, he had 123 carries for 911 yards and 9 TDs. He also led the SEC with 7.4 yards per rushing attempt in 2014.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Rare blend of speed and power. Immense power in legs and shows balance through contact. Shreds arm tackles and has speed to house it. Very hard to tackle on an angle. Professional, decisive runner. Presses line of scrimmage to set up his cut-back runs. Gets downhill with knee bend and forward lean, staying small through the hole. Uses quick, tight steps to second level. Will sink and explode into tackler or side-step and jet, causing hesitation in downhill safeties with their approach. Converts "speed to power" between tackles and around corner. Rarely looks to run out of bounds and finishes his runs. Able to factor out of the backfield with soft hands and ability to adjust to throws. In 2014, churned out an amazing 61.9 percent of his rushing yardage after contact. Strong hands and carries ball tight to his body. Only three fumbles in 510 carries.

Dee Hart | 5-9 | 190 | Colorado St



Hart started his college career at Alabama and spent his last season at Colorado St. He totaled 237 carries for 1,441 yards and 17 TDs, adding 20 catches for 207 yards and 2 TDs. In 2014, he had 194 carries for 1,275 yards and 16 TDs.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Played only one year at Colorado State, but teammates rallied around him. Runs with determination and finishes his runs with some attitude in the open field. Plays bigger than his listed size. Uses head and shoulder fakes to freeze open-field tacklers and buy himself time to the outside. Is a natural out of the backfield and is able to get separation with his routes. Presses line of scrimmage as zone runner and understands how to set up blocks. Throws effective cut blocks in pass protection.

Braylon Heard | 5-11 | 189 | Kentucky



Played one season at Kentucky after transferring from Nebraska. He totaled 72 carries for 366 yards and 4 TDs.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Instant zoom. Can hit top gear as quickly as the top-end runners in this draft. Short-strider with outstanding change-of-direction talent. Patient runner with burst, feet and vision to squeeze through small creases. Runs with swivel hips and can plant and cut at sharp angles. Vision is a plus and understands how to run a tight track through the hole. Idolizes Reggie Bush and it shows with his hands and ability to separate out of backfield. Willing to stick his nose in and make honest attempt in pass protection.

Kenny Hilliard | 6-0 | 232 | Louisiana St



Rushed 299 times for 1,541 yards and 27 touchdowns over four years at LSU. Earned the team's Butch Duhe Award, given to the players who personify the idea of unselfishness, dependability and commitment to the team.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Decent top-end speed and can catch the ball well out of the backfield. Finds open spaces in passing game and sets up blocks after the catch. Doesn't dance to the line and finishes off runs falling forward. Play speed is adequate but could improve if carrying less weight.

Joey Iosefa | 6-0 | 245 | Hawaii



Iosefa totaled 484 carries for 2,064 yards and 20 TDs and 60 receptions for 438 yards and 3 TDs. In 2014, he had 151 rushes for 617 yards and 8 TDs.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: No-nonsense runner who prefers to rush between the tackles. Will coil his hips and deliver a blow into second-level linebackers attempting to tackle him and pass rushers in pass protection. Often leans shoulder into contact, absorbing blow while resetting feet to continue his run. Functional ability to cut and take it downhill. Can catch the ball out of the backfield and is adequate in pass protection.

David Johnson | 6-1 | 229 | Northern Iowa



In 2014, Johnson totaled 2,527 all-purpose yards with 1,553 rushing yards on 287 carries and 536 receiving yards. He also returned 12 kickoffs for 437 yards. He was named the 2014 College Football Performance Awards All-Purpose Performer of the Year.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Looks good on the hoof. Possesses a big body and falls forward for additional yards. Smooth pass-catcher out of the backfield and is a mismatch for linebackers. Has been a consistent weapon out of the backfield while in college. Uses an effective jump cut on inside runs to change direction and can string a couple of them together on the same run. Has good long speed when he gets into space.

Duke Johnson | 5-9 | 206 | Miami



In three seasons at Miami, Johnson totaled 526 carries for 3,519 yards and 26 TDs, adding 69 receptions for 719 yards and 4 TDs. In 2014, he rushed 242 times for 1,652 yards and 10 TDs and caught 38 passes for 421 yards and 3 TDs.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Explosive burst and plays with suddenness. Elusive in tight quarters. Has lightning in his feet. Has hips and feet to stop and start without stalling. Rare ability on stretch plays to hit cutback lanes that other backs can't get to. Runs with patience and a well-timed burst. Has great feel as zone-scheme, one-cut runner. Changes direction without breaking stride. Courageous runner. Shows no fear when getting downhill. Strong-willed competitor with toughness. Has second gear around the corner and can erase the angles. Gets small(er) through the hole and runs behind pads. Fights through arm tackles. Regroups and balances himself after initial contact. Reads and sets up routes and adjusts to poorly thrown balls.

Gus Johnson | 5-10 | 224 | Stephen F Austin



Three-time All-Southland Conference selection, 2014 Southland Conference Player of the Year, 2014 AFCA, FCS Sports Network and BSN first team All-American and AP second team All-American. He was the Stephen F Austin all-time leading rusher with 3,907 yards.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Well-built with thick bubble and powerful legs. Shows necessary power to rip through arm tackles and churn out additional yardage after contact. Has delayed burst once he gets to second level. Bow-legged runner with wide base and adequate balance through contact. What he lacks in explosiveness he makes up for in grit. Produced at consistent level over last three seasons.

Matt Jones | 6-2 | 235 | Florida



In three seasons, Jones totaled 297 carries for 1,431 yards and 11 TDs. In 2014, he rushed 166 times for 817 yards and 6 TDs.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Imposing size with muscular frame. Above-average swivel in hips and perimeter quickness for runner his size. Pistons for feet, chomping and churning through contact to extend run. Has slippery lower body with angle-tackle attempts sliding off. Keeps shoulders square to line for maximum power. Plays with forward lean and is difficult to stop for a loss. Used sparingly as a pass-catcher, but flashes capable hands if asked to do so in the pros. Aggressive in protection, squaring up and striking a blow against free-running blitzer.

Jeremy Langford | 6-1 | 208 | Michigan St



Langford rushed 577 times for 2,967 yards and 40 TDs. He added 39 receptions for 219 yards and a TD. In 2014, he totaled 276 carries for 1,522 yards and 22 TDs. Named honorable mention All-Big Ten.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Running back who has played wide receiver and cornerback at Michigan State. Improved a great deal since 2013 season. Has feet to avoid the trash and bounce it outside. Has burst around the corner and can separate from linebackers in pursuit. Finished his 2014 campaign with 22 carries of 15-plus yards, placing him fifth in running-back heavy Big Ten. Effective with chip blocks and will square up blitzers and take them on in pass protection. Has blocking and pass-catching talent to play on third downs. Good spin move and plus lateral foot quickness. Maintains balance through contact. Showed special-teams potential as a sophomore.

Terrence Magee | 5-9 | 217 | Louisiana St



Carried the ball 219 times for 1,304 yards and 12 touchdowns and caught 23 passes for 218 yards. Awarded the National L-Club permanent team captaincy.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Has more than enough competitiveness and toughness. Sees the holes and makes good decisions when the ball is in his hands. Has decent strength and falls forward to finish runs. Courageous pass protector. Understands protection schemes -- who to block and when to release. Works his feet to stay in front of blitzers and is technically sound.

Marcus Murphy | 5-9 | 195 | Missouri



Murphy totaled 337 carries for 1,957 yards and 16 TDs and 50 receptions for 318 yards and 2 TDs. He also returned 87 kickoffs for 2,036 yards and 3 TDs and 75 punts for 801 yards and 4 TDs. In 2014, he rushed 177 times for 924 yards and 4 TDs and made 28 catches for 212 yards and a TD.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Has the foot quickness and acceleration to make something out of nothing when called upon as a runner. Needs to play in space, but has quality traits for a runner despite size. Has enough speed to turn the corner and hit a big run down the sideline. In passing game, mismatches inside backers with razor sharp cuts to the sideline creating easy throws for the quarterback. Looks to adjust his routes over the top of coverage if quarterback scrambles. Has excellent hands and concentration to finish a catch despite impending contact. Celebrated kick and punt return specialist with seven career return touchdowns at Missouri.

Thomas Rawls | 5-10 | 217 | Central Michigan



Rawls spent his first three seasons at Michigan before playing his senior year at Central Michigan. He totaled 283 carries for 1,436 yards and 15 TDs. In 2014, he had 210 rushes for 1,103 yards and 10 TDs.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: If you don't bring it to him, he will bring it to you. Powerful beyond his size with strong legs and outstanding balance at and beyond contact. Able to absorb contact on legs with defenders bouncing off. Coils into a ball of power and explodes into tacklers with cocked hip and low pad level to finish his run with a message being sent. Competes hard on every run with jump cuts and lateral shiftiness in the hole to go with his power. Sudden runner with ability to make sharp, decisive cuts. Can plant and go with immediate burst downhill or bounce to perimeter in search of new opportunities. Has desired foot quickness and hip fluidity. Has above-average vision and feel for the changing shape of running lanes. Hands are good enough to factor in passing game.

Josh Robinson | 5-9 | 215 | Mississippi St



In three seasons at Mississippi State, Robinson rushed 323 times for 1,997 yards and 15 TDs and added 43 receptions for 493 yards and a TD. In 2014, he had 190 carries for 1,203 yards and 11 TDs and 28 catches for 370 yards and 1 TD.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Built low to the ground with power trunk and thick bubble. Coils into a ball at contact, making him immune to shoulder and/or forearm blows to tackle. Patient runner. Runs with consistent balance and can maintain it through contact. Flashes lateral agility to escape from the side door and bounce a run wide. Steady threat out of the backfield as pass-catcher. Soft hands to secure the throw and is ready to run after catch. Can chop pass rusher down with his cut blocks.

Ross Scheuerman | 6-1 | 206 | Lafayette



Totaled 3,504 rushing yards and 31 TDs and 129 catches for 1,129 yards and 8 TDs. In 2014, he led the team in receiving with 57 receptions for 521 yards and 3 TDs.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Has a combination of fluid hips and stop-start foot quickness. Can make sudden jump-stop with hard plant-and-go cut tied to it. Plays with suddenness and quick-twitch. Has adequate vision and able to hit it between tackles with decisiveness and good burst when hole materializes suddenly. Well-rounded talent. Can catch it and was a part-time kick returner as well.

Tyler Varga | 5-10 | 227 | Yale



Totaled 2,985 rushing yards on 529 attempts. Earned First-Team All-Ivy and the Ivy Offensive MVP, 2nd Team All-America by The Sports Network and named the NEFW Top Senior in New England.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Muscular, well-defined physique. Has hands the size of an offensive lineman. Determined player with willingness to switch from running back to fullback. Strong legs to power through angle tackles. Runs with above average change of direction and uses effective spin move. Able to stop on a dime and make defenders miss. Showed reliable hands out of backfield at Senior Bowl practices.

Karlos Williams | 6-1 | 225 | Florida St



Williams totaled 240 carries for 1,417 yards and 22 TDs and caught 37 passes for 328 yards and a TD. He also returned 29 kickoffs for 655 yards. In 2014, he rushed 149 times for 687 yards and 11 TDs.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Former safety with aggressive, physical temperament. Taller and longer than most running backs, but has exceptional burst to trim the corner and go. Angular running style. Makes subtle changes of direction without gearing down. One-cut daddy on outside zone plays. Has good top-end speed. Can be a factor on swing passes and will body up in pass protection. Lowers pads and delivers a blow on the move. Falls forward and is a pile mover when pad level is right. Natural footwork for an inexperienced back. Slams it between tackles when asked and doesn't look to bounce outside. Shows patience and uses head fakes to freeze defenders in space. Hard to tackle and keeps feet churning at impact.

Trey Williams | 5-8 | 195 | Texas A&M



In three seasons at Texas A&M, Williams rushed 204 times for 1,343 yards and 18 TDs and caught 38 passes for 330 yards and a TD. He also returned 70 kickoffs for 1,684 yards. In 2014, he rushed 81 times for 560 yards and 7 TDs.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Features a devastating jump-cut that torments defenders in space. One of the best "make-you-miss" types in this draft. Improvisation-oriented athlete in space. Able to change directions at a moment's notice and multiple times during one play. Great vision. Looks past first move and focuses on second move. Instant burst through the crease to the third level. Ran for 15-plus yards on 13.6 percent of his carries over the last two years. Can be shuffled around the field as a mismatch weapon. Was a kick returner for all three years at A&M.

TJ Yeldon | 6-2 | 221 | Alabama



Yeldon totaled 576 carries for 3,322 yards and 37 TDs and 46 catches for 494 yards and 2 TDs in three seasons at Alabama. In 2014, he rushed 194 times for 979 yards and 11 TDs and caught 15 passes for 180 yards and a TD.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: Has good size with room on his frame to add more bulk. Exceptional hips and foot quickness, using both to weave and dart through the trash between tackles. Quick, decisive reads on zone plays. Has ankle flexion to dip, one-cut and burst through second level and into the third. Creative runner showing innate feel for running lanes. Anticipates creases that are developing and makes himself skinny to squeeze through. Effortless lateral movement. Can make tacklers miss and change tackle angles in confined quarters. Above average out of backfield and after the catch. Productive when playing through pain.

Zach Zenner | 6-0 | 220 | South Dakota St



Named to the third All-America team, the American Football Coaches Association FCS All-America Team and the Walter Camp FCS All-America Team. Rushed for 6,163 yards in his career and totaled 7,751 all-purpose yards.

NFL.com's Strengths Analysis: One-cut downhill runner. Workhorse. Big and fast; smart and tough. Will win most footraces once he gets to top gear. Has almost no wasted motion to and through the crease. Stays balanced through contact. Strong production against better competition. In 2014, put 103 yards (6.1 yards per carry) and two touchdowns on Missouri after hanging 202 yards and two touchdowns on Nebraska in 2013. Uses stiff-arm effectively on second level. Runs through arm tackles. Good hands out of backfield and adjusts to poorly thrown balls. Has "every-down" traits. Sticks nose squarely into A-gap blitzers in pass pro. Can add even more weight to frame if needed.

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