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Eddie Vanderdoes: "I'm Coming In Expecting To Contribute And Play Right Away"


Q: When the Raiders looked at your UCLA tape, there was a player they saw and they were really excited about what you showed. I'm sure they were talking about earlier in your career. And then there is other tape that they were less enthused about. How do you go about making sure that the player that you envision yourself being becomes an Oakland Raider?

Vanderdoes:"That's going to be the player that I'm going to be – the one that I was earlier in my career. I had a bad season. That wasn't me. That's not the person that I am. That's not the character that I hold. I'm definitely going to bring that to the Raiders' defensive line. I'm going to bring that energy and I'm really happy to be an Oakland Raider."

Q: How difficult was it going through the ACL tear? Do you think it took you some time to get back to 100 percent? Do you feel like you're there now?

Vanderdoes: "Yes, 100 percent. I am definitely back 100 percent, very confident with the combine, the Senior Bowl. I got my explosiveness back. I got my speed back, my athleticism back. I am definitely at the top of shape right now, so I'm ready to get back to work and show them the player that they saw on the film and the player that they wanted to draft and I'm also looking to turn even more heads and do things that some people might expect that I couldn't do."

Q: How much weight did you lose from the end of the season to the combine?

Vanderdoes: "Forty pounds."

Q: How much do you weigh now?

Vanderdoes: "I weigh 302."

Q: So you were 342?

Vanderdoes: "Yeah, around there, 338, 340."

**Q: Were there other things that perhaps led to the tape that they didn't like in terms of being motivated or motivation? Were there things you had to find within yourself?


Vanderdoes: "No, not that at all. I've never had a problem with motivation. I've always been a motivated kid. This season, my weight just got out of hand. That's the way it was. I played on a high ankle sprain this season that I got rolled up on and I fought through with my team. I never once thought about quitting or anything like that, so I kept going and kept playing and doing what's best because I love football. I missed a whole year of football in 2015 and that made me really realize how much I love this game."

Q: Was your ACL tear still affecting you in your senior season?

Vanderdoes: "No, not at all. My knee didn't hurt one single bit the whole season at all. Some people kind of misinterpret that my knee was hurt this past season. I had suffered those three ankle sprains and was out of shape and that was the biggest problem. I had suffered an ankle sprain a day or two before the Wazzou [Washington State] game and that was a game-time decision. Taped it up, fought through, kept playing on it. Right before the Colorado game, I sprained my ankle as well, re-sprained it. I got rolled up on. Taped it up, kept playing on it and same with the Stanford game. I had gotten rolled up as well, so I was playing, basically on one leg, so it was never an issue of my ACL hurting or it not being as strong."

Q: Have the Raiders given you any indication that the weight you're at now is the weight they want you at?

Vanderdoes:"We'll get more in depth with that once everything settles down and the draft is over. They'll kind of map out a plan on what they expect of me as far as the weight they want me at and how they see me fit in the scheme exactly. I'm guessing the weight that they'd want right now would be the ideal weight that they'd like to see me play at."

**Q: You tweeted that whoever drafts you is going to get the biggest steal of the draft. Is that the kind of confidence that you're going to bring to the Raiders?


Vanderdoes:"One hundred percent. I 100 percent am going to come in and I'm going to compete to my full ability. I'm coming in expecting to contribute and play right away. That's the mindset that I've always had. I've came with that mindset that I need to be the guy to step in and do what I do and dominate. I definitely think people slept on me a little bit this past offseason. I love the fact that they slept on me, I think that's what motivated me every morning waking up, knowing that I get to prove people wrong. I think I've done a good job so far of that and I'm going to keep doing as well being an Oakland Raider because I know I'm at the bottom again. I have to work my way back up."

Q: You seem pretty fired up.


Q: Being a Sacramento guy were you a 49ers fan or Raiders fan?

Vanderdoes:"Most of my family is Raiders fans. Some Niners fans, but I think those Niners fans are Raiders fans today, a lot of people that I know in my hometown. I'd say Auburn is a little Raider Nation bubble now, for sure. They've always had my back and they've always supported my dream and what I've done. I'm definitely excited to share that experience with them."

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