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Gareon Conley: "It's an honor to be a part of the Raider organization"


Cornerback Gareon Conley

Q: With everything that happened, were you expecting a phone call today?

Conley:"I mean, my mom, she always tells me to keep faith. So I kind of was, but then there was some doubt that I wasn't. But it came. I'm really glad it came. I thank God that it came."

Q: How emotional of a week has it been for you?

Conley:"It's been real emotional, but I got through it. I just kept my faith strong and just kept listening to my mom, my agent, my support. Just kept my head on tight. Just had faith."

Q: What was it like when the pick came through?

Conley:"It made it 10 times more special. Just having that doubt in my mind, just not knowing. Just having faith and having doubt, I didn't know what was going to happen. When it came, it shocked me. It felt unreal, honestly. It still feels unreal."

Q: Did you know that the Raiders were interested?

Conley:"No, I didn't know at all, honestly."

Q: Where does your situation stand right now? Have you met with the police? How confident are you that the situation will be resolved?

Conley:"I haven't met with them yet. I'm scheduled to meet with them on Monday, but I'm very confident that it'll be resolved. I took a test today that helps. Then when I made my statement and all the evidence that I have, I feel confident that it'll be resolved."

Q: What's your mentality coming to the Raiders?

Conley:"I'm trying to come in and play early. Start if I can, and just add value to the nickel, corner, special teams, anywhere I can to contribute to the win."

Q: How comfortable do you feel at nickel?

Conley:"I just started playing this past season, but I feel comfortable playing at a high stage. There's a lot of good players in the Big Ten. I feel like I'm confident enough to play it."

Q: Do you plan on coming here tomorrow?

Conley:"Yeah, they're flying me out tomorrow."

Q: Do you look back and think maybe you shouldn't have gotten yourself in a position where something like this could happen?

Conley:"Yeah, definitely. Like I said in my statement, I could've made way better judgement. I mean, I didn't know what I was getting myself into, but I definitely could've made a better decision."

Q: The Raiders talked about all the research they did before making this pick and they had no doubt that this whole thing will blow over. What communication had you had with them at all or was there a polygraph test, the result of which you sent to teams. What from your camp were you able to do to ease any teams concerns, including the Raiders?

Conley:"I mean, I just talked to them. They did all their research, so you'd have to discuss that with them. They were confident in their research and confident in me and the person that I am to pick me."

Q: Who did you speak to from the Raiders organization?

Conley:"Reggie [McKenzie]."

Q: What was that conversation like?

Conley:"I mean, I kind of couldn't hear most of it because my family was just screaming when I picked up the phone. But, he just told me that he was confident that everything will blow over, he was confident in me and wanted to pick me. It was just unreal, honestly. It was probably, it is the best moment of my life, not probably. It was the best moment of my life."

Q: Was there a polygraph test that someone asked you to take?

Conley:"They didn't ask me to take one. But, they had a lot of research. They were confident in me."

Q: Did you volunteer one? You weren't asked but you did one anyway?

Conley:"I'm sorry?"

Q: Did you do one though?

Conley:"Yeah, I did one. They didn't ask me to do one though."

Q: Coming to a team that just finished 12-4 and a team that has Khalil Mack, what are you most excited about?

Conley:"I'm real excited. I remember watching him my freshman year. He tore us apart at Ohio State. He's a great player. I'm ready to be a part of that defense. I'm just ready to be a part of the whole organization."

Q: What would you say you're the most proud of?

Conley:"Are you saying in my game?"

Q: Yes, for instance, I came across an eye-popping stat that you get a 13.6 passer rating for opposing quarterbacks when targeting your receivers. Do you know about any of those kinds of stats?

Conley:"I mean that stat really does because it just means that I'm locking down whoever I go against. I mean, just any stats honestly, I just go out there and do my best and just try to lock that man down because that's my job at the end of the day and that's what helps the team win."

Q: Considering the situation you were going through, what is your appreciation like towards the Raiders organization for picking you?

Conley:"It's off the charts, honestly. Just to know that they have faith in me, not even just as a football player but as a person like that, it speaks highly of them, and I really appreciate it. It's an honor to be a part of the Raider organization."

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