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Greg Olson Week 6 Q&A


Q: What are the challenges of the front seven of the Chiefs? Their two outside guys seem so good and now the way [Dontari] Poe is playing in the middle, the blocking seems like it would pretty much be a challenge.**

Coach Olson:Big challenge this week. It seems like we say this every week, but it's probably the best front seven we've played thus far. They were a talented group a year ago and now they're a talented group that's playing very well.

Q: Having a nose tackle that's that athletic against the run, do you have to scheme against that?

Coach Olson:We always go into every game, we'll look at matchups. Whether it be matchups outside on the wide receivers, matchups inside with the offensive line, I think you're always looking at matchups when you're trying to game plan. We're very aware of their defensive line and linebackers. There are not a lot of whole holes in their defense, but we are certainly aware of matchups inside.

Q: The other night, the fast start really catapulted you to a big lead, how important is it going to be to get off to a fast start against Kansas City in that hostile environment?

Coach Olson:We've always talked about that being one of our goals. The first and foremost goal is to take care of the football, but our second goal that we put together before we started the season was we need to start fast, keep defenses on their heels. It was good to see it come together. Obviously in Kansas City you're playing on the road, I think it's always important to get off to a good start and not allow the crowd to get into it.

Q: Have you seen improvement from your receiving corps in terms of how they're operating when [Terrelle] Pryor starts to scramble in those types of situations? Are they finding open space, creating options as you'd like?

Coach Olson:Yeah. I think because it's so difficult to script in practice that when it comes up in a game they have a better feel for it. I wouldn't say that at the beginning of the year that they weren't very good at it, they're just getting opportunities, they're just more aware of it I guess would probably be the right way to describe it. A little bit more aware in their own mind, in their own time clock in their head. At a certain point, the play may break down so they have to be aware of their spacing and their spacing relationship in relation to one another.

Q: Terrelle said on the first touchdown he threw that it was the same play that had been called in Indianapolis and the same play that had been called against Seattle and the end result of both were interceptions.  What does that say about his maturity?

Coach Olson:He has a great resilience. I believe that's one thing about Terrelle, you can coach him hard and he'll respond and come back. We had talked about that, we had talked about that we'd like to take some shots and you can't be afraid to back again if you fail previously. You can't worry about that as a quarterback and you have to keep playing and I just think he has great resiliency. Q: Is that unusual for such a relatively young quarterback?

Coach Olson:Yeah, certainly. A lot of guys lose confidence in the two times where the two it's been called up in the game they were intercepted. We've all sort of talked with him and he's a confident player and he certainly doesn't fear when he's on the field on the game day. He doesn't lack confidence, and really in those games we probably could have called that play up again and he would have been right on board with it. He's not afraid to go back again and try it again.

Q: What about his clock management coming out of the huddle? You said there was one play in particular he heard you actually say, 'He's not going to get it off.'

Coach Olson:I try to hold on, the clock shuts off at 15 seconds and I do remember saying that but I didn't know I was still on with him because I do have other people talking with me. I had the head coach that said, 'Are we going to get this off?' I looked at the clock and I said, 'I don't think we're going to get this off,' right before it shut off, because he was still in the huddle. You have to be aware of that.

Q: You guys think being precise in practice is so important, are there just things he does that you just can't practice, it's just a game-day thing?

*Coach Olson: *Again, part of it is him, his approach to practice and his want, in terms of wanting to develop as a quarterback. He's not as quick to pull the ball and run in practice because he wants to mature as a quarterback and wants to work on going through progressions and understanding things. The one thing as we watch practice film, then you watch game film, you really need to put your foot in the ground and take off and run in this situation, and he's always done that, he's always showed good instincts on game day and he's always come back and said, 'Yeah coach, I'll do that on Sunday. I just wanted to make sure I was kind of aware getting through to number three or number four on the progression.' It's really difficult, like you said, to script those types of things. That's credit to the players and everybody really, the offensive line, they have to get a feel for it too that when they start to feel their defensive linemen rushing sideways. It's probably a good reason that Terrelle is probably breaking the pocket so they have to be careful about not holding and letting go. It's difficult on everybody but I think now going into Game 6, I think guys have a better feel for it.

Q: How did [Andre] Gurode do at center?

Coach Olson:He's a pro. Really those guys, Khalif Barnes, [Mike] Brisiel, Gurode, I'm just real proud of those guys and the way they've prepared and really the example that they've set for the rest of our guys in our room on offense because they are pros. To lose our right tackle, [Tony] Pashos during the week, who was preparing as if to play, we planned on Tony playing. It was a game time decision really, but a lot of times a young player during the course of the week may say, 'I'm going for sure,' we've had that this year. It's happened before in regards to even Terrelle. 'I'm going for sure, I'm playing.' They don't understand the repercussions and how difficult it is as a coaching staff. You have to be completely honest in your evaluation so we can get some other guys ready. Pashos all week had said, 'You know what, make sure that you have somebody else ready. I'm going to go if I can go, but I'm not sure, I'll let you know on game day.' He was real professional about it and how he approached last week. I think those guys up front, again the older veterans, Gurode and Khalif and Pashos and Brisiel, they understand that part. They know what it's going to take to play on Sunday, they know how much preparation they need during the week and they've been very good about that.

Q: How have your tackles done against the 3-4 edge rushers you've played? Coach Olson:Yeah, three-straight weeks here and we're trying to help them, again we're always very aware of the edge rusher and different ways we can help our edge rushers.

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