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Hayden: "I should have made some of the plays"


On if he's making progress:**

Hayden:"It was progress. I got my hands on the ball a little bit. I should have made some of the plays, but there's a lot of stuff I have to clean up technique-wise. I'm just glad I was out there just giving my defense an opportunity to do something."

Q: Is there a lot of pent up excitement when you go out there now because of all the time that you have missed?

Hayden:"Yeah. Just me being out there, I'm excited. When I go out there I'm going to give my all every Sunday."

Q: Charles Woodson told the Denver media today that the pass interference call should not have been a flag.

Hayden:"I agree. I agree it shouldn't have been a flag, but they called the flag, so you still have to play ball."

Q: On the other one [penalty], [Interim Coach Tony] Sparano said he had a talk with you about the taunting thing. Was that just a situation of you being excited?

Hayden:"I was just caught in my emotions, that's all it was. I was just excited about the hit."

Q: It seemed like the coverage was tight most of the day. Is that kind of how it looked to you when you look back on the tape?

Hayden:"For the most part, yeah, but there were still some other stuff that I could do better on and I'm still working on. There's always room for improvement."

Q: How did it feel to jump back in and take as many snaps as you did on special teams and defense?

Hayden:"It felt good. It felt good to be back out there actually in the lineup."

Q: Coach Sparano was talking today about how you've changed your body. How much have you worked on the upper body and just changing your body from the time you were drafted until now?

Hayden:"I'm getting older so I can gain a little weight now. I've been just lifting and I think my grown man strength is starting to kick in, so I'm excited for that."

Q: Have you been worried about making sure you don't lose speed when you're getting bigger?

Hayden:"I just run. Old-fashioned running, sprints. There ain't no secret formula. There ain't no secret. I don't know, just run. Just keep running. Run hard. Run fast and you might get faster."

Q: You faced Peyton [Manning] once last year. What was that experience like and what do you take from that to take to this game?

Hayden:"I don't remember that. I'm just worried about this week."

Q: When you look at this week and their group of receivers, if you're a defensive back, this is probably as good as it gets as far as a challenge.

Hayden:"Yeah, Peyton Manning is a great quarterback and he has a good group of wide receivers and I'm excited for the challenge. I'm ready to get out there and just get this thing going."

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