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Head Coach Jack Del Rio Kicks Off Giants Week


Here's the transcript from Oakland Raiders Head Coach Jack Del Rio's press conference Wednesday.

Opening statement:"OK, got the Giants this week. The tape tells you what you need to know. Big offensive line. Big, strong defensive line. Playing hard, playing tough. They're 2-1 in our division. We don't get into the media reports, we get into the tape. We're getting prepared to play a football team with a lot of talented players and a lot of talented coaches. We're gearing up for a tough battle that we have to have. Our margin for error is already in our review mirror. We have to play really good football and find a way to get a win this week. They have our full attention. Questions?"

**Q: What does Geno Smith bring to the table?


Coach Del Rio:"First I'd like to say I have a lot of respect for the Manning family. I've had the pleasure of having Peyton on the same team for a few years in Denver. I played against Peyton for a long time in that division. I know the family really well. It's got to be a tough, tough deal. He's one of the all-time greats. Two-time Super Bowl winner, very accomplished player. I have a soft spot for that. Aside from that, we're digging into the preparation. It's the Giants against the Raiders. We're trying to figure out all that we can about this opponent. We don't play them all the time. So, it's not like somebody in our division or somebody that we're playing every year that we know. We've got to really spend extra time getting to know this squad. Like I said, they've been successful in our division against teams that we know are good football teams. That's how we're preparing for it. Geno, in particular, we saw him back in '15 here when he came in, and I think he had 40-plus throws in that game and completed a good number of them. We know he's very capable."

Q: Do you see this as a potential big game for Jared Cook with the Giants' struggles against tight ends?

Coach Del Rio:"I don't get into all of that in terms of fantasy numbers and all that stuff. I know they have some very capable people of their own we're worried about. [Evan] Engram is a heck of a player. He's been targeted over 80 times this year already. We'll worry about trying to put out that fire. Obviously, we're going to do everything we can to get our own guys involved and be as productive as possible on offense."

Q: Was last week as good of a game as you've played on both sides of the line this year?


Take a look through the top images from the Raiders' 21-14 win over the Broncos in Week 12 at the Coliseum.


Coach Del Rio:"It's hard to say. I think it was a good effort. We needed it. That's in our review mirror and now we're looking to have a really good effort this week."

Q: You obviously did not agree with Derek Carr's two game suspension. Now that it was reduced to one game, have your feelings on that changed? What are your thoughts?

Coach Del Rio:"No, the league has to do what it has to do. I'll do my job. My job is to coach the guys. I don't have to like everything they do, and often I don't. This would be an example of that."

Q: What do you think about what Isaac Whitney has done on practice squad?

Coach Del Rio:"He's a young player that earned his way onto the squad as a practice squad member. We're looking to develop all the guys that we have in that role. He's taken advantage of the reps and improved his play as we've gone throughout the year. I know he's excited about having the opportunity to go out and play. We're likely to have him up and let him participate. I'm looking forward to watching him."

Q: Were there any thoughts of bringing Sebastian Janikowski back? What was his status at that point?

Coach Del Rio:"No, there's not been any… I don't even believe he's been cleared to the point of being ready to do that. That wasn't ever a consideration. I think Giorgio [Tavecchio] has handled the job, has done a nice job with it. There's no reason to change at this point."

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