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Holmes: "We started fast"


Q: How do you build off a game like that as a team? What's the key to building off this?**

Holmes:"I think we just have to have a different mindset and learn from what we did after that New England loss and how we didn't come in and play a good game. We have to learn from that and just look at what we did this past game and make the corrections for the next one."

Q: In retrospect, when you look back at last week and the change in the schedule so you do more on Wednesday and then sort of taper off to enable you to get off to a fast start, the more work on fundamentals that were changes, do you think that all that stuff played a role?

Holmes:"Yeah, I feel like it did. I feel like we played with a lot more speed, looked a lot fresher."

Q: Did you feel fresher?

Holmes:"I felt pretty fresh. We started fast in both the beginning of the first half and the second half, so those types of things are showing up and it's working, so we just have to continue to stay the course and work hard."

Q: The fact that you guys were able to stretch the field a little bit more with some deep passes, what allowed that to happen in terms of being able to get the ball down the field more than in past weeks?

Holmes:"I think they just got called more and we were able to make the plays on them. The ball was thrown in the right places and we were able to make the play. There really wasn't that much of a change in other weeks other than we might have dialed them up a little bit more."

Q: What's it like now with you guys and [Derek] Carr? You guys have had five games, and it just seems free and easy now, is that the way it is out there? Do you guys know what he's going to do, that he's going to lay it up if you get the one-on-one, and that he's going to give you a chance to make a play? Do you guys kind of have that feeling now?

Holmes:"Yeah, if he sees a matchup that he likes, he's going to throw it, especially if we win on that matchup, and if we had made a play earlier on, then he's going to definitely try and look to make another big play by throwing it out there."

Q: He said on that play afterwards to [Brice] Butler, that [Jason] Verrett just made the nice interception. He said, 'I'd throw that 100 times out of 100,' after the game because he trusts Brice to get it. He had no problem at all with throwing it and he said he'd throw it again. As a receiver, do you like hearing that?

Holmes:"Yeah, definitely. You like to hear that he's going to have trust in you, especially on those opportunity balls where you might have to make a play over the DB. He trusts you in making that play, so it's really encouraging."

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