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Jackson: "We've done pretty well at times"


Q: How would you assess the offensive line's play throughout the first six games being a rookie?**

Jackson:"We've done pretty well at times. Sometimes we're not getting enough, but we're still in the phase of getting better and working hard at it every day."

Q: Do you feel like the pass protection is the strength? This unit has only allowed five sacks so far, so that's pretty good.

Jackson:"Yeah, it's pretty good. We try to work hard at the pass protection and in the run game, so we're just trying to get better at that."

Q: Is Derek [Carr] putting you guys in the right positions? Is that the key to the success, putting the right checks and the right protections?

Jackson:"Oh yeah, definitely. He helps out a lot, and some things that could go wrong, he helps escape by throwing the ball fast and just making different checks to put us in a good position."

Q: Through this first six games as a rookie, how does your body feel? Is there any difference than being in college, from the prospective of being a rookie and playing all these games?

Jackson:"To be honest, I'm really not sure because I don't try to think about how I'm supposed to feel. I just think about getting my job done and just make sure I take care of my body so I don't feel tired or hit the rookie wall or whatever people call it. I just keep my focus and keep working hard every day."

Q: Is there a main guy on the line that you are learning most from? Is it Wiz [Stefen Wisniewski]? Is it Austin [Howard]? Is there somebody that's really been helping you a lot?

Jackson:"Wiz helps out a lot with just understanding the play calls, some small things to look for."

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