Jet Setters Once Again

After traveling a league-high 36,106 miles in 2014, the Raiders are once again hitting the road with a vengeance in 2015.

This season the Silver and Black will travel a combined 26,336 miles, which is the third most in the NFL.

They take three trips over 2,000 miles which is the second most in 2015, coming in only behind the San Francisco 49ers four long flights. To compare, last year the Raiders had four trips over 2,000 miles, including a trip to London to take on the Miami Dolphins in the NFL International Series.

Trips to the Eastern Time Zone haven't been favorable for the Silver and Black in recent history, as they are currently in the midst of an 0-16 losing streak, a trend that Head Coach Jack Del Rio and his staff are hoping to buck in 2015.

To put the Raiders miles traveled in perspective, the 49ers travel the most miles in 2015 with 27,998, while the Eagles only travel 6,818 miles and don't make a single trip over 2,000 miles.

To see the entire 2015 schedule for the Silver and Black, click here.

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