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Justin Tuck Wraps First Raiders Camp


Q: As far as camps go, how did this one go? It wasn't as long as they typically are, but were you happy with the amount of work you guys were able to get in?**

Tuck:"Sure. I think our camp went well. From here, the focus has to be to just progress. No matter how long you're in camp, you want to see progression, and I thought we did that."

Q: Have you scrimmaged other teams during camp in your career?

Tuck:"One time."

Q: What's the key to being able to get in good work and not go over the top?

Tuck:"Well the one time we did it, we went over the top, so I'm still looking for an answer."

Q: What team was that against?

Tuck:"The New York Jets."

Q: You have a little bit of history with the guys you're going to be going up against, is that a good history?

Tuck:"We'll find out tomorrow. I don't know."

Q: Can you get good work in though, going against another team?

Tuck:"Sure you can. I think it's good to go and face some people that don't wear the same color as you, and see different schemes. Dallas, especially in their o-line, they have a really, really good o-line and it's going to be a good challenge for us. I'm looking forward to it."

Q: What's left for this team to do between now and the regular season opener?

Tuck:"A lot; a whole lot. We still have a lot of things we still need to work on; schemes we want to see how we match up against. I've always been an advocate for the preseason games because it gives you the opportunity to knock off some of the rust for us older guys and it gives the younger guys the opportunity to see what the NFL experience is about before you start shooting live bullets. We have a lot to still work on."

Q: With so many new pieces here, do you feel like you're leaving as a more cohesive unit?

Tuck:"Yeah, I think so. I think I know a lot more about my teammates; how they react to certain things, and just how they respond to different scenarios that might come up on the football field. I think that goes a long way to building chemistry as far as how I would play certain plays or certain situations, once the season starts."

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