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Las Vegas Raiders announce partnership with Salient 


LAS VEGAS, NEV. — The Las Vegas Raiders are proud to announce a partnership with Salient as the Official Executive Protection Provider of Allegiant Stadium and Official Security Provider for the Raiderettes, including The Studio in Henderson, Nev. A leading provider of physical security solutions, Salient is the security partner for Intermountain Health Performance Center and Las Vegas Raiders Headquarters.

Salient is a renowned security services provider known for its professionalism, expertise, and innovative security solutions. Salient provides a wide range of security solutions tailored to the unique needs of the professional sporting industry. These services include embedded security programs, facilities security, mobile security teams, VIP stadium and special event security, and ongoing risk management support services. This partnership is aimed at enhancing the security measures at Allegiant Stadium and Raiderettes The Studio.

The partnership between Allegiant Stadium and Salient will focus primarily on executive protection services for VIP guests. Adopting a concierge-centered approach, Salient's protection team members will integrate seamlessly with stadium staff to provide clients with a safe and convenient experience.

"The expanded partnership with Salient to include Executive Protection at Allegiant Stadium solidifies our confidence in Salient as a premier provider of physical security solutions," said Raiders Vice President of Security Bob Stiriti. "Salient has far exceeded our expectations from day one.  They continue to provide the guidance, resources and expertise in this ever-changing sports and entertainment security services environment."    

From games to live events, Salient's services are designed to ensure the safety and satisfaction of all stakeholders. "We are excited to be the Official Executive Protection Provider of Allegiant Stadium," said Mitchell McAlister, CEO of Salient. "This partnership exemplifies our shared dedication to safety, collaboration, and commitment to excellence. By integrating our expertise with the stadium's existing infrastructure, we are able to provide an elevated, secure, and hassle-free stadium experience."

With a proven track record in the professional sporting world, Salient offers tailored security strategies designed to meet the unique needs of its diverse clientele.

The partnership between the Raiderettes and Salient will encompass a range of security solutions including facility security, special event security, mobile security teams, and specialized support services.

"Salient goes above and beyond in providing exceptional security services," said Raiderettes Director Tiphanie McNiff. "Their dedication, expertise, and attention to detail are unmatched, ensuring the utmost safety and peace of mind for the Raiderettes." 

"We are honored to be the official security provider to the Raiderettes," said Mitchell McAlister, CEO of Salient. "This partnership exemplifies our shared commitment to innovation, safety, and delivering excellence. Together, we will create an environment where the Raiderettes can train and perform with complete peace of mind."

Salient aims to set new benchmarks in security for professional sporting teams, elevating industry standards and ensuring the highest level of protection for all stakeholders. Salient will work closely with the Raiders' existing security executives to anticipate and address security challenges, enabling the Raiders to focus on delivering exceptional sporting entertainment while keeping their employees safe.

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