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Latavius Murray Talks with the Media

On if he heard from the Raiders before he was drafted: "No, I took a visit after my pro day, but that's pretty much it. No work out, just a couple phone calls to keep in touch."

On who from the NFL he compares his running style to: "I think with my height, you talk about a big back like maybe Adrian Peterson and a guy like [Darren] McFadden that's there. A tall back, runs a bit upright, but still has some speed. I think those two might stick out."

On if he is surprised he lasted as long as he did in the draft: "I wasn't too much surprised. Either way, I was just going to be happy to hear my name, but after talking to my agent, he just told me to be prepared for whatever might happen and I was. I'm definitely thrilled about the opportunity I'm going to have."

On if he prefers to run over guys, run around them or mix it up: "I try to mix it up. I guess it depends on the situation, but I just try to mix it up. My goal is to put the ball in the end-zone every run, every play. I try to do that, and if it's necessary to do either-or, I'll do it."

On if coaches at his pro day talked to him about modifying his upright running style: "Not so much. After taking visits or even just talking to coaches, some guys that are in the NFL currently run upright, but I think the main thing they were just saying is as long as I know when to lower my pads or drop my shoulder is the biggest thing. Of course, open field you can run upright, but just maybe in traffic, and just running with that pad level is important in situations."

On how far along he is as a blocker and if he blocked a lot at UCF: "Yeah, most definitely. You can't really play at any level, I feel, unless you protect and obviously that's the way I was coached. Definitely, at this next level you have to protect the quarterback. I know how important it is and I'm not a good blocker right now, but I'm going to improve in that area as well as other areas so I can be a complete back."

On if he ran a lot of basic routes out of the backfield or if they split him out wide in college: "Mainly during the course of our games, usually basic routes out of the backfield and things like that, but there has been times I've been split out, there's been times when I've been wing set, running routes as like an H-back. My football I.Q. is very high, I know the game, I get offense and learn fast, and I think that's just going to help me at the next level."

On his teammates' fascination with his stiff arm: "I'm not really sure. I think I just have good timing. I know when to put it out there and catch a defender off guard or make him look bad."

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