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Raiders Mailbag: How will the new free agent signings impact the Silver and Black?

Glenn Prager-Groman asks:

Did we change the whole O-Line because we wanted to go with a different type of blocking scheme?

When it comes down to it, the Raiders changes to the offensive line really comes down to wanting to clear space and getting younger and more consistent.

The Raiders traded three offensive linemen all on the edge of 30 to rely on the youth of the likes of Andre James, (23 years old), John Simpson (23), Kolton Miller (25) and Brandon Parker (25). The Raiders also signed Nick Martin (27), who has not missed a game in three seasons. The offensive line shift may seem a bit abrupt, but it's something that was bound to happen eventually.

The Raiders will also have veterans in Richie Incognito and Denzelle Good, who can lead the way for a younger offensive line. I honestly believe that the rebuilding of the offensive line will be one of those "thank me now or thank me later" type moves for the Silver and Black.

Justin McGovney asks...

What has kept the Raiders from going for a vet DB on the market?

I personally agree with the notion that the Raiders need to sign a veteran defensive back to put in their locker room.

However, I also feel that this isn't as dire of a need as other things that have already been addressed. The Raiders have spent a lot of time picking up pieces to elevate the pass rush, as well as getting veteran wide receivers in John Brown and Willie Snead. There are still several veteran cornerbacks, such as Casey Hayward and Richard Sherman, that are on the market, and I believe the Raiders will be able to snag a good one when they're ready to strike.

The Raiders front office has consistently said that they are behind their current secondary, and they just want to see improvement. A veteran defensive back could be great for the Raiders young guys to help in their development and morale.

Billy Boyko asks:

I don't get why everyone is hating on the Drake signing. Take a look on who made the playoffs last year, and especially elite teams, most had some kind of 1-2 punch at RB.

Billy's right: Some have questioned why the Raiders would sign Kenyan Drake with Josh Jacobs coming off another 1,000 rushing-yard, Pro-Bowl season.

How I see it – why the hell not?

Kenyan Drake is a proven baller. He's coming off his most productive season since he's been in league with 955 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns. He has unbelievable speed and is extremely versatile. If you ask me, any offense would be better if they had Kenyan Drake on their team.

This acquisition will make the Raiders more dangerous in terms of the variety of plays that Gruden can run with both running backs, as well as keeping Jacobs fresh throughout the season. It's no surprise that Gruden loves to pound the run game down people's throats, and Drake is perfect to elevate that plan for the Raiders offense.

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