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Marcel Reece Media Session

Q: You said that you wanted Reggie McKenzie to make "Raider-ass" moves this offseason. Do you feel he did that?

Reece:"I do feel he did that. Coming into this free agency, as an organization and as a team and as a leader for myself personally, we weren't looking for any saviors to come here and get in this locker room. We were looking for help. We were looking for help to bring this tradition, the winning attitude and a championship pedigree back to this organization and to the locker room and I think we did that."

Q: A lot of the guys the team has brought have Super Bowl experience and playoff experience. How does the experience that they have help you guys?

Reece: "Like I said, it's a certain stature and pedigree that you have, only by winning a championship. Things that even leaders like myself don't have yet. I haven't been able to experience the playoffs or a championship, and when guys like Justin Tuck and LaMarr Woodley, when you bring guys like that in here, especially on the defensive side of the ball, it really helps. It brings a different aspect of leadership into a locker room and into a team."

Q: These workouts are voluntary. What does it say about the guys that do show up to attend?

Reece: "It says a lot. It says a lot to a team. At the end of this thing, when you say you have 100 percent attendance, it means a lot. It means dedication, commitment to excellence. It's holding each other accountable. It means a lot to the team to be committed to something like this. We're all grown men here and we all have lives outside of football and families and responsibilities, but for us to be able to make this team and these workouts and the camaraderie and growing together and gelling as a group a priority, it means a lot to everyone when you see guys here."

Q: Realistically, looking at the pieces that Reggie has brought in, how much closer is this team to being a playoff-caliber team?

Reece: "We're definitely closer. I think we've improved at a lot of positions, especially on paper. But, the story is always told later on, when you get into training camp and you actually start getting into practice. Anyone can play football without the pads on, but once it gets serious and you face a little adversity and you see how your team adjusts to that, that's when you really start knowing the story that this season is going to hold."

Q: How much recruiting did you do on some of these guys throughout the process?

Reece: "A lot. You'd have to look at my phone bill to really see the recruiting I actually did. I did a lot. Donald Penn just told me today that he was tired of me texting him two or three times a day. Like I said, it's about this team. A lot of people know that this is team very important to me. What it means to be a Raider is important to me – important to my life, my career and just what it means. It means a lot for me to be able to have the ability to even recruit and say, 'Come join my team.' I think we did a great job of bringing some guys in. Obviously, we lost out on a few guys that we wanted to keep, but I think other than that, we were fairly successful."

Q: Are you impressed with the showing of the guys? Is it 100 percent?

Reece:"Very close to 100 percent. A couple of guys that aren't here, I know why they're not here and when they're going to show up. There's always things that come up, it's life. It is 100 percent in my eyes. It means a lot to me, especially the veteran guys. You're definitely not here for the money, because money for offseason programs is not life-changing money. It means a lot when you're here, because it means you're truly dedicated to what we have going on."

Q: What are your first impressions of Matt Schaub?

Reece:"Matt Schaub is a good guy. You can tell he's a leader and that's what you need at the quarterback position. They possess the most power with the ball touching their hands every play of the game on the offensive side of the ball. I think we have a great leader, a great guy and looking forward to being confident at the Raider quarterback."

Q: What difference does it make for [offensive coordinator] Greg Olson to now be able to throw volumes of stuff at Schaub, as opposed to having to nurture along a younger player?

Reece:"I think it means a lot for him. As offensive coordinator, for one, just having stability at the position. You have a vested veteran at the helms of the position. It's going to mean a lot to him, to be able to open his mind and be as creative as possible. Maybe as creative as he's been in his career at offensive coordinator."

Q: Were you surprised at all with Terrelle Pryor being traded?

Reece:"Nothing surprises me at this point in time in my career. I've seen a lot happen in my seven years here in the organization. Nothing surprises me. As a team, we just wish him the best and thank him for what he did here and wish him the best."

Q: What do you see when you look at the possibility of a Jones-Drew/McFadden combination at running back?

Reece:"I think it's going to be special. First things first is keeping Darren healthy. He's 100 percent right now, which is always great to come into offseason workouts and not have to rehab or deal with any past injuries. We've got to keep Maurice healthy as well. Going along your career, you want to stay healthy. If we keep those guys healthy, I definitely think we'll have the best tandem in the league."

Q: If they're healthy, that takes away carries from you …

Reece:"I've never worried too much about the number of carries I get. But when I do get them, rest assured, it's going to be excitement for sure."

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